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Interpersonal Communication Skills for Managers On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

Introducing a one-day workshop guaranteed to double your effectiveness as a leader

Course Description/Agenda

Do You Possess the Interpersonal Finesse It Takes to Be Truly Successful as a Leader?

In Your Role as a Leader ...

  • You have to inspire and motivate people.
  • You have to create a vision and get your employees to understand it and buy into it.
  • You have to win support for tough and unpopular ideas.
  • You have to lead people to eagerly do things they may not want to do.
  • You have to come across as confident and credible without being arrogant or aggressive.

Try doing all that with so-so people skills and weak communication skills: You won’t succeed. That’s why this training is so important!

Attending Interpersonal Communication Skills for Managers is essential if you’re serious about maximizing your leadership potential, improving your results, and becoming the kind of leader others
are eager to follow.

Here’s what this crucial training means to you:

  • Fewer behavior issues and attitude problems to deal with
  • Increased productivity and efficiency as communication improves
  • Stronger relationships with those up and down the ladder
  • Higher morale and productivity
  • Greater respect for you as your leadership know-how really begins to shine
  • Fewer conflicts among your employees

Learn the #1 secret to eliminating misunderstandings (plus dozens of other communication tips).
Our customers tell us one of the most common frustrations they face as managers is dealing with misunderstandings. From repeating instructions over and over to redoing work at the midnight hour, you’re left feeling stressed and drained. And if you’re frustrated, so is your team. Morale and productivity plummet and you’re back at square one.

This workshop delivers how-to’s to prevent misunderstandings, including when they’re most likely to happen and how to prevent them. You’ll also get tons of techniques for resolving conflict ... expressing your ideas in meetings with confidence ... handling negative attitudes ... and much more.

Get real-world tips you can use immediately for more respect and recognition at work.
More respect and recognition can be yours once you learn the ins and outs of effective communication. What’s more, this workshop takes into account the specific challenges you face as a manager. You can get the respect and recognition you deserve. Enroll today. Seats fill fast for this exclusive "managers-only event."


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