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Top supervisors realize that learning new and better management techniques is absolutely critical to their leadership success. That's why so many top supervisors consider this seminar “must attend” training

Course Description/Agenda

We’ve Got a Secret for You …

Managing employees doesn’t have to be so hard. That’s right, you heard correctly. As a manager, it’s easy to get caught up in all the everyday issues. And dealing with all these issues can be a real downer. Some days, you feel like all you do is deal with negativity. Negative attitudes … low morale … too much work … productivity that’s barely slugging along. It can really wear you thin.

The good news – yes, there is some – is that you aren’t alone. Managers across the country agree that managing employees can be a challenge and sometimes a real pain in the neck (after all, you’ve got work to do, too). They’ll also tell you that this incredible new workshop is the answer you’ve been looking for. That is, if you want positive solutions, real-world tips, and strategies you can use immediately to make your job easier and more enjoyable.

Get tons of incredible new ideas for handling today’s toughest management challenges.
Today, managing employees is a whole new ballgame. You’ve got generational issues … high turnover … low morale. While these issues existed 10 years ago, people have changed. The job market has changed. And that’s just the beginning. That’s why we’ve packed this workshop with all-new tips for handling your toughest problems. You’ll get fresh solutions that relate to today’s employees and work environment. Guaranteed.

Share your ideas with your peers – and take home a few of their tips.
If you’ve worked in management for 10 days or 10 years, chances are that you’ve learned a few valuable tips from the school of hard knocks. You’ll have the chance to learn from your peers (the people who’ve been there, done that) and share your secrets, too. It’s a great way to meet new people and get tons of new ideas.

Don’t just sit and wonder if there’s a better way … enroll today and leave knowing there is.
Tons of new ideas … incredible strategies – sound too good to be true? If you want or need reliable solutions for managing your employees, look no further. If you want or need a fun, positive, solution-oriented day away from the humdrum, it’s here. The bottom line is this: With our 100-percent money-back guarantee of satisfaction, you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

What You'll Learn:

Attend this power-packed, one-day seminar and master the subtle yet critical skills that will help you become a GREAT supervisor.

We’ll cover ALL the tough issues you come up against, including:

  • How to motivate employees to go the extra mile
  • Keys to effective delegation – so you can confidently let go of more and get more done!
  • Essentials of giving clear, concise instructions and feedback
  • Ways to get your underperformers back on track … and what to do if they won’t “play ball”
  • How to successfully manage a cross-generational and/or multicultural team
  • Powerful techniques for enhancing your influence and credibility as a leader

Who Should Attend?

This Workshop Is Perfect for You If You Want …

1. To learn the number one secrets of the hottest management issues you face today.
You’ll get tons of ideas, strategies, and tips for being a successful manager. You’ll get real-world examples you can use as soon as you get back to the office. If you’re tired of struggling with same-old issues day in and day out – take a break. This workshop focuses on the positive solutions you need to make a real difference on your team.

2. Your toughest questions answered.
No matter how unique your situation is, you’ll get answers to your questions at this workshop. From the workshop material to your expert trainer, there isn’t a question that goes unanswered.

3. To know what other managers are doing with their employees.
Find out what other managers are doing to combat hot issues like cross-generational teams … motivation and delegation. You’ll learn the dos and don’ts from those who’ve been there, done that – without having to learn them by trial and error.

4. To learn from a true management expert.
Your expert trainer is a former manager with experience managing employees in the real world. That’s right, they’ve studied best practices in management but they’re also graduates of the school of hard knocks. Your trainer combines training and hands-on experience to deliver a truly cutting-edge workshop that gives you practical information you can use immediately.

Workshop Agenda:

Six Keys to Management Success Your Workshop Agenda

Communication Techniques

  • Tips on keeping the lines of communication open
  • Active listening: Getting your point across and making others feel heard
  • 6 communication traps that will hurt you every time
  • The secret behind giving directions that are understood every time
  • Quick tips on speaking in public

Delegation Dos and Don’ts

  • Why your team needs you to delegate
  • How to let go and hand off your projects
  • Tips on staying in the loop without being controlling
  • Understanding what projects you should and shouldn’t pass on

Managing Conflict and Confrontation

  • Learn how the Control Model limits negative emotions
  • 6 steps you must know for resolving disagreements
  • See what signs indicate that conflict is brewing — before it’s too late!
  • What to do when you think you’ve lost control of the situation
  • Words and phrases you should never use in conflict (and words that you should always use)
  • Handling the big A — Anger (yours and theirs)

Dealing With Problem Employees

  • Using the exclusive SELF Profile to learn more about your employees
  • Tools you must have for combating attitude problems (any of them!)
  • Quick tips for immediately curbing absenteeism, tardiness, and high turnover
  • The No.1 approach for dealing with combative people
  • How to stop negative employees and chronic complainers in their tracks

Handling Cross-Generational Teams

  • Understand what makes up the four generations in today’s work force
  • Overcoming the most common challenges of managing cross-generational teams
  • Generations and technology: Tips on overcoming this common obstacle
  • Learn the steps for guiding your team interactions, for better results

Time Management Tricks

  • How the CALM Method can help you end chaos
  • Stop taking on more: Tips on saying "no" without appearing aggressive
  • Timesaving tips on how to make your e-mail work for you
  • How to prioritize your tasks — when everything is URGENT
  • A to-do list or not? Find how lists really shape up

Motivation Tips and Boosting Morale

  • 10 low-cost/no-cost ideas for immediately boosting motivation on your team
  • Ways to make every team member feel appreciated — without spending a dime
  • How goal-setting can boost morale and team results
  • Is your team near burnout? Learn the telltale signs here
  • How to build relationships that enhance cooperation among your employees

Wait! There’s more. This jampacked agenda is just a glance at all the secrets you’ll learn for improving your managemen


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