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How to Work With Difficult Demanding and Inconsiderate People On-Site Training

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Take control of your work environment. Learn how to work with tough people who keep you from doing your job.

Course Description/Agenda

You don’t have to lose sleep over difficult people anymore.

You know them all too well — the people who get your blood boiling and your heart pounding. You’d hide from the drama and frustration they bring to your day, but you need them to get your job done. Put away your sunglasses and turn your phone back on. Help is finally here.

You’re a reasonable person — a team player ... polite ... professional — and you work hard. Doesn’t everyone? You know the answer — NO. Difficult, hard, impossible people are all around you. Sometimes it seems like it’s their personal mission to ruin your day.

But what can you do? Stoop to their level? Tell your boss? You’re above all that so you just deal with it ... or avoid it ... or sometimes fight back only to regret your own behavior for days on end. Let’s face it. That’s no way to work and no way to live.

The bottom line is this: Your hands are tied. You do have to work with difficult people, and the wear and tear it can cause in your life can be crippling to your job, your success, and your emotional well-being. You need help and you need it now.

Get the solutions you need to take control of difficult people and tough situations.

How to Work With Difficult, Demanding and Inconsiderate People is an all-inclusive vacation from stress overload. In just one peaceful day, you’ll learn what it takes to immediately defuse angry coworkers ... how to keep your own emotions in check ... and best of all, how to prepare for situations you know are going to be hard. Packed with real-world tips and tricks, you’ll learn firsthand how to handle the worst of the worst in any situation.

Don’t wait until you’re at the end of your rope — get help now.

Let’s face it: Difficult people aren’t going away and they aren’t changing. More often than not, they don’t even think there’s a problem — much less that they could be contributing to it. It’s simply up to you to get the solutions you need to make a positive, lasting difference in your life. You have to take control of the situation if you want results. Let us show you how at this breakthrough workshop.

What You'll Learn:

Uncover strategies for handling people who are:

  • Rude
  • Unprofessional
  • Angry
  • Inconsiderate
  • Argumentative
  • Know-it-alls
  • Negative
  • Manipulative
  • Critical
  • Irresponsible
  • Never at fault

You'll get breakthrough solutions for opening the lines of communication ... for handling your own emotions ... for getting cooperation and more. But you have to enroll to get them.

Workshop Agenda:

Understanding Difficult People: What’s Their Motivation?

  • Take the exclusive SELF Profile and learn about the most common types of difficult people
  • Learn what makes difficult people tick and strategies for working with each type
  • Understanding the consequences of not dealing with these tough people
  • Learn about your own personality type and how that impacts your relationship with others
  • Could you be part of the problem? How to tell ...
  • From sabotage to gossip: learn how to counteract typical weapons difficult people use
  • Could you have an age or cultural misunderstanding? Tips on working with diverse people and multi-generations

Taking Control of Conflict, Criticism, and Angry People

  • Secrets for permanently resolving any conflict
  • Red flags that show you have an explosive situation on your hands (and what to do about it)
  • How to deliver feedback and criticism with tact and finesse
  • Calming techniques that immediately soothe irate, angry people

Handling Tough Situations & Other Difficult Encounters

  • How to neutralize your own emotions after a surprisingly tough encounter
  • The secret to mental pep talks: preparing to work with someone difficult
  • Tactfully handling show-offs, know-it-alls, and more in meetings and other group events
  • What to do when you’re put down or criticized in front of others
  • Situations when you should AND shouldn’t speak up

Communication Skills: Your Keys for Handling Tough Coworkers

  • 5 myths you must know when it comes to communicating with difficult people
  • Phrases you should avoid — if you want to keep the peace
  • “What to say when”: scripts for helping you talk to difficult people — in a variety of situations
  • How to deal verbally with the backstabbing, manipulative, aggressive tactics of others
  • How to use active listening to your advantage

How to Build Trust and Understanding With People You Find Difficult

  • 5 ways to build alliances with other people, teams, and departments
  • How to get credit for your contributions
  • Tips on letting go of past grievances so you can forge ahead
  • How to give solid direction and feedback to difficult people

Managing Your Own Emotions Under Pressure

  • Tips for staying cool so you won’t say things you have to apologize for later
  • 3 questions you should ask yourself about a potential confrontational situation
  • Can’t seem to get through? How to keep your cool and stay on track
  • 5 ways to conquer the strongest resistance in others
  • Coping strategies for the situations and people you just can’t avoid or fix


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