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Managing Under Pressure On-Site Training

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How to establish top priorities, be an inspirational leader, and make tough decisions in times of change and intense pressure

Course Description/Agenda

THIS may very well be the TOUGHEST work environment you’ve ever faced.

Scary, isn’t it? The fact that so much is on the line and you’re the one at the helm. All eyes are upon you. What you say … what you do ... in times of pressure could be the difference between team success and failure.

Talk about pressure!

In times like these, you can’t wonder whether your skills will measure up. You can’t hope that something will magically happen and you’ll be back to smooth sailing. Surviving and thriving in times of intense pressure will be up to you!

You must prepare to adapt to the changing world around you and your organization.

This training gives you a map for navigating times of intense pressure successfully.

The leaders and organizations that successfully weather storms do so because they’re prepared for them. That’s why so many smart leaders are enrolling in Managing Under Pressure … it’s the best, most cost-effective way to ensure you’re ready to overcome the challenges and seize the opportunities ahead of you.

When you attend Managing Under Pressure, you’ll receive expert help from an expert trainer, who will teach you how to:

  • Ignite new ideas for jump-starting lagging results and overcoming tremendous obstacles
  • Calmly and coolly handle the heat that’s coming at you from above and below
  • Become more resilient to change ... even if things get super-tough

You’re determined to succeed in the face of pressure. This training will GUARANTEE you do!

An investment in yourself ... in building your skills ... will ALWAYS pay great returns. Even better, those skills stay with you a lifetime.

The invaluable skills and insights you’ll gain at Managing Under Pressure will make you a stronger contributor to your organization ... and it assures a bright, long leadership career for you.

Make the one investment that is guaranteed to pay phenomenal returns for the rest of your life. ENROLL in this training TODAY.

What You'll Learn:

  • Establish top priorities and abolish "business as usual" thinking that impedes results
  • Minimize the damaging effects of stress and anxiety inherent in struggle and change
  • Inspire your employees to be twice as effective as before
  • Retain your best people ... and know for sure when you must eliminate weak links
  • Calmly and coolly handle the heat that's coming at you from above and below
  • Pinpoint hidden barriers to productivity and locate dangerous performance trouble spots

Workshop Agenda:

Sucessfully Managing Under Pressure: the Essentials

  • Exude an aura of optimism — and become a leader who people will follow even when the heat’s on high
  • Recognize the strengths and limitations of your unique leadership style
  • Manage the emotional and intellectual challenges that exist under pressure
  • Walk, talk, and breathe ethical behavior — and expect the same of your employees
  • When to break traditional management rules — and why

Priority Management and Contingency Planing

  • How to prioritize your tasks — when everything is URGENT
  • Costly time-wasters in your day: how to eliminate them
  • Systems that typically build, bend, or break under pressure
  • Let it go: strategies for cutting loose from low priority tasks, activities, commitments, and obligations that bog you down
  • How to avoid making mistakes when you’re under pressure
  • Fallback formulas that anticipate human error and other glitches
  • Using the CALM Method can help you end chaos
  • Contingency planning: preparing for challenges you can’t control and can’t predict

Critical Thinking and Strategic Problem Solving

  • Explore the assumptions that impact your thinking and your team’s thinking
  • Move from operational to strategic management
  • Develop a flexible strategic plan to serve as a framework for business decisions
  • Use critical thinking and decision-making techniques to set your business priorities
  • How to turn your staffers into thinkers ... turn your thinkers into active decision makers and problem solvers

Climate Control: Maintaining a Positive, Motivated Work Environment

  • Effectively neutralize any "miscommunication" networks — from grapevines to gossip mills
  • Positively move employees from fear to commitment
  • How to be demanding, without squashing morale
  • Power strategies for combating attitude problems, negativity, and chronic complainers
  • Create team pride, and develop team momentum and morale
  • Open the communication pipeline and keep ideas flowing

Job #1 for Every Leader: Employee Performance Management

  • 10 unforgivable mistakes managers make with problem employees — and how to avoid them
  • How to skillfully confront the serious performance problem
  • When and how to "weed out" underperformers who have no hope of turning around soon
  • Critical steps that can lessen employer firing risk
  • How a termination interview should be conducted
  • How to prepare for the typical reactions of terminated employees
  • What to say to the rest of your staff when other employees are dismissed

Handling Stress When the Heat’s on High

  • When everything is urgent — how to keep from getting personally overwhelmed
  • How to make sure you’re a calm, confident voice when employee anxiety is sky-high
  • Self-talk for leaders facing intense pressure — what you must tell yourself, and what you must never tell yourself


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