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How to Legally Terminate Employees With Attitude Problems On-Site Training

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Don't let employees with lousy attitudes destroy your team's effectiveness! Take action now.

Course Description/Agenda

Attention, All Managers: Bad Attitudes Are Infectious and Must Be Stopped!
Dont Let Problem Employees Devastate Productivity, Drain Your Time and Energy, and Destroy Your Teams Morale!

You know these employees all too well. Shes the one whom everyone dreads working with. Hes the one with a negative attitude thats infecting your whole team. Theyre sapping morale ... productivity is declining ... and work is becoming just plain miserable for all those who have to deal with these non-team players.

As a manager responsible for team results, you know something must be done. But your hands seem tied its not like these employees are tardy, absent, or stealing. So, you keep trying to coach them to improve. You discipline them. You flat-out warn them to "shape up or ship out." And, nothing seems to put a dent in the sour attitudes that keep walking into work day after day.

Theres nothing youd like more than to make these problem employees go away but yet you wonder can you really fire an employee over an attitude problem?

You Dont Have to Put Up With Rotten Attitudes! Learn How to Legally Terminate These Morale Killers

In todays litigious world, terminating employees is an emotional and legal minefield for managers and supervisors. And thats probably why youve never felt confident enough to terminate these problem employees before now.

We dont blame you for being nervous. In fact, before you embark on any termination process, its best to get expert answers to the questions you have. And thats why attending this seminar is so important: Itll empower you with the rock-solid know-how you need to act with confidence as you terminate problem employees who are damaging productivity and wreaking havoc on your teams effectiveness.

Firing Problem Employees Isnt Just a Good Idea Its VITAL to the Success of Your Entire Team!

Dealing with employees who have bad attitudes is critical for you and your team. After all, when you dont deal with the problems on your team, in time, those problems will spread.

And remember that problem employees not only damage team morale, they can ruin your relationships with customers, vendors, and management within your organization. Dont allow the situation to get worse! Make plans to attend this critical training for all managers today!

What You'll Learn:

Many managers subject themselves and their entire teams to the pain and aggravation of working with employees who have rotten attitudes. Why? Because they mistakenly believe that theres nothing a manager can do about these problem employees.

The simple fact is that there IS something you can do: You can FIRE them!

Employees with lousy attitudes are not "untouchable." This enlightening one-day workshop will help you understand your rights under the law.

Attend this seminar and youll learn how to:

  • Confront employees who wont admit they have attitude problems
  • Know for sure when you should discipline an employee vs. when its time to terminate
  • Understand key federal employment laws and regulations related to employee terminations
  • Decrease your likelihood

Who Should Attend?

This seminar should be considered MUST-HAVE training for anyone in a role where they have the authority to terminate an employee. Without it, you and your organization are leaving yourselves wide open for lawsuits.

Dont take a chance that a simple mistake could land you in court! Enroll today and learn how to take the fear and confusion out of terminating employees.

Workshop Agenda:

Before You Consider Termination

  • Coaching techniques that will prove in court that you tried to help an employee
  • The top 4 frustrating discipline problems youll face as a manager and how to solve them
  • Making sure all your pre-termination counseling sessions are legal
  • Exploring all your alternatives to firing before following through with the termination meeting
  • When to bring in your HR department for help and advice
  • The 5 steps of progressive discipline
  • How to handle the employee who refuses to sign a written warning

Taking the First Steps Toward Firing an Employee

  • Why terminating someone with an attitude problem requires preparation and caution
  • Common misconceptions that may be keeping you from firing problem employees
  • The best method for documenting problem behavior
  • What to do about "good performers" who have a poisonous attitude that wrecks morale
  • The link between behavior and attitude and job performance
  • 3 tips that tell you when an employee must be fired

Legal Considerations and Cautions

  • Legally acceptable grounds for termination
  • What are your responsibilities as an employer? What are your rights?
  • Ensuring your termination procedure is legally airtight
  • Unlawful reasons to terminate
  • How to clearly establish a termination was for just cause
  • If you are sued: legal documentation youll be expected to provide in court

Handling the Termination

  • What to do and say before ... during ... and after firing someone
  • The best place and time to terminate an employee
  • How to react to the employee who begs for a second chance be careful about what you say
  • A proven plan to follow when youre forced to reduce staff
  • Why releases and grievance procedures can be your best legal protection

Emotions During the Termination Process

  • How to anticipate and handle employee emotions during a termination
  • Rules you must follow when letting a hotheaded employee go
  • How to avoid the one method of firing that will destroy your remaining staffs loyalty and confidence in you
  • How to handle the personal stress of firings and layoffs

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