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This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

This two-day seminar provides you with a solid foundation for demonstrating poise and presence, two important leadership characteristics.

Course Description/Agenda

Developing poise and presence is vital for today's business professional. Presence allows you to command the respect of clients and co-workers, remain balanced under pressure, impact and influence those in authority positions, and demonstrate self-esteem. Our Executive Presence & You two-day seminar provides you with a solid foundation for demonstrating these important leadership characteristics.

Whether you are a manager, executive or sole contributor, you will come away with the knowledge and tools to enhance your presence and positive impact. Our engaging demonstrations will inspire you to put forward your best, with increased polish and poise under pressure.

Seminar Topics:

Day 1

  • What is Executive Presence? Why is it important? What are the most vital Executive Presence Characteristics?
  • Building impact and influence - assessing your development areas for poise, power and personal style
  • Non-verbal expression - how body language, voice, dress and personal polish enhance your credibility and stature with others
  • How to enhance your posture, voice and non-verbal presentation
  • Advanced tools and techniques to increase verbal communication skills
  • How to connect effectively with other personality styles and orientations
  • Appropriate conversation starters for work and social situations

Day 2

  • Poise under pressure - how to hold your focus and balance during difficult situations and change
  • Calibrating your audience, the environment and what's appropriate in a variety of business and social situations
  • Thinking effectively on your feet and responding appropriately
  • Communicating effectively during ad hoc presentations (such as hallway conversations)
  • Building charisma, energy and an inspirational presence
  • Enhancing your leadership visibility within your organization

What People Are Saying

"Marie is absolutely amazing... I learned so many valuable tools from her that I will apply to my personal areas of growth... It was a valuable and powerful (life-changing) experience that I'll never forget."
Trisha Tomokiyo
DFS Group Limited


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