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How to Successfully Manage People in Turbulent Times On-Site Training

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Your employees and your organization are counting on you. Your career is on the line. Don't risk being unprepared!

Course Description/Agenda

When Times Are This Tough — As a Manager, You MUST Be Tougher
... and smarter ... and more inventive ... and more inspiring

These aren’t the days when anyone can get by on average effort. These are the days when exceptional leaders are separated from the mediocre — and mediocre managers seldom get the chance to remain at the helm.

So make no mistake: Your career is on the line. But the news is not all bad. Because it’s also a time when phenomenal leadership careers are created!

This is Your Chance to Show Everyone You’ve Got What It Takes to Lead Through Any Storm That Comes Your Way!

Times like these may leave some people shaking in their boots. But that’s not you. Tough times only strengthen your resolve to succeed. You’re determined to lead your people through the turbulence and turmoil of today, and the uncertain future ahead of you.

The only question on the table now is "How are you going to do it?" Thankfully, you don’t have to go it alone.

This Training Gives You the Know-How You Need to Shine

How to Successfully Manage People in Turbulent Times will supercharge your leadership skills and abilities so you can shine through these times. From handling employee anxiety and low morale ... to doing more with fewer resources ... to generating creative ideas for your toughest challenges ... you’ll gain solid how-to’s that will help you overcome every obstacle you encounter.

Soon, you’ll be the "go-to" leader everyone counts on — the leader everyone respects.

Your people and your boss expect you to lead with vision and confidence. Don’t let them down!

This may not have been the dream leadership scenario you’d hoped for, but it’s the challenge you MUST rise up to meet. Your future ... and your employees’ futures ... and your organization’s ongoing success rest squarely on your shoulders.

The risks of NOT attending are simply too great — so reserve your seat in this training today!

What You'll Learn:

  1. Learn how to respond to overwhelming pressure and seemingly insurmountable problems with cool- headed confidence.
  2. Stop agonizing over which course of action to take! Make more effective business decisions, more quickly.
  3. Manage with the confidence, courage, and conviction that’ll inspire full effort from all your employees.
  4. Identify and eliminate barriers to productivity.
  5. Learn how to recognize "weak links" on your staff and know for sure when it’s time to let people go.
  6. Refocus priorities on what matters most — and switch directions on a dime, should those priorities change again tomorrow.
  7. Discover new ways to deliver unmatched results that will get noticed from above — and move your career forward fast!

Who Should Attend?

This Training Is So Important — Every Manager in Your Organization Should Attend

No matter what type of organization you work in ... no matter what role you play ... the strategies, techniques, and insights within this training are proven to work for your entire leadership team.
So spread the wealth of knowledge — and secure your organization’s future. We’ll even help you stretch your training dollars with our group training discount: When 3 enroll from your organization, a 4th attends FREE!

Give your leadership team the survival skills they need to lead your organization safely through the rocky road ahead: Send every manager to this critical leadership development training.

Workshop Agenda:

Leadership Musts for Turbulent Times

  • Recognize the strengths and limitations of your unique leadership style
  • Why employees need you to exude an aura of optimism every day
  • Active listening skills guaranteed to give you the upper hand
  • How to establish a positive sense of urgency and mission
  • Know your priorities! And how to tell what’s top priority when everything seems URGENT!
  • The secret to helping employees feel valued by you and the company

Realities of Being a Leader in Times of Change and Uncertainty

  • The difference between managing and leading
  • Understanding the nature of change
  • Systems that typically build, bend, or break during the change process
  • Recognizing the positive and negative consequences of change
  • Managing the emotional and intellectual challenges of change
  • Contingency planning: preparing for situations and challenges you can’t control and can’t predict

Handling the Unexpected

  • Coping with crisis — even when everyone else loses control
  • What to do when unexpected changes throw you into crisis mode
  • Learn to assess the impact of any unexpected change so you don’t overreact
  • Tips for feeling in control when the change you’re handling makes you feel out of control
  • Find the hidden opportunities in unwelcome change

Ward Off Negativity and Create a "Can Do" Environment

  • Infuse every job with a sense of purpose and excitement
  • How to be demanding without quashing morale
  • How to handle paralyzing emotions
  • Minimize antagonistic behavior
  • Effectively neutralize any "miscommunication" networks — from grapevines to gossip mills
  • How to help your employees become more comfortable with change and uncertainty
  • Power strategies for combating attitude problems, negativity, and chronic complainers
  • Create team pride and develop team momentum and morale

Lay the Groundwork for a Bright Future Through Creativity and Innovation

  • Foster open communication where every contribution counts
  • Strategies for keeping bureaucracy from killing innovation
  • Generate a "safe" environment for brainstorming, brain-linking, and generating ideas
  • How to say "no" to an employee’s idea in a positive way
  • Open the


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