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How to Get More Organized On-Site Training

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Stop Spinning Your Wheels! Take Charge of Your Day!

Course Description/Agenda

The ability to organize is a skill not unlike the ability to supervise, delegate or use a computer. It can be learned, practiced and perfected. This seminar will show you how. Attend and learn how to meet deadlines without working yourself to death ... gain more control over paperwork ... and get more done in less time every day.

After this six-hour session, you'll walk away with the skills you need to break time-wasting habits, bring order to your chaotic work schedule and reduce everyday stress. As a result, you'll be able to claim more time for yourself — and stay fully focused on key business tasks.

What You'll Learn:

  • Break time-wasting habits
  • Bring order to a chaotic work life
  • Reduce everyday stress and frustrations
  • Claim more time for yourself
  • Enhance your professional image

Who Should Attend?

Business professionals who want to develop a more focused, organized, effective work style and reclaim the personal time lost to working overtime.

Workshop Agenda:

Working Smarter, Not Harder

  • The secret to remembering details
  • Feel like a pack rat? Deciding what to keep and what to throw away
  • The 2 basic organizational styles and how to maximize each
  • Are bad habits sabotaging your day?
  • How to keep your in-box under control
  • 3 types of lists that can safeguard your sanity
  • Do you cause your own confusion? How to determine if you do
  • How to remember things without plastering your desk with sticky notes

Building Routine Out of Chaos

  • A powerful technique that will help you stay “together” during high-pressure, high-stress periods
  • Pinpointing your organizational weak spots … and how to tackle them
  • 3 great work habits worth developing
  • Goal-setting – how it’s more than just a to-do list
  • The first step toward a more effective work style
  • A simple strategy that will keep you completely focused on the job at hand
  • The most common cause of disorder and how to overcome it
  • The deadliest trap busy managers fall into and how you can avoid it
  • What to do when you feel other things are more important than cleaning off your desk
  • Recognizing and managing your tendency to be a perfectionist
  • Bonus: See first-hand how the newest technology can get you organized faster, better and easier

Getting Others Organized

  • Invaluable strategies for organizing your staff
  • A foolproof system top managers use to arrange their workdays
  • Plotting the day’s work: Determining what’s urgent … what can wait … and what you can let go
  • Time-blocking – what it is and how it can help you get more done
  • 4 practically effortless exercises that can help improve your memory
  • 5 organization tools no manager should be without
  • Maintaining order when your job responsibilities continue to grow

Developing a New Mindset

  • Hate making lists? Here’s a superb technique that works just as well
  • The “slice” technique for keeping details pulled together on even the busiest days
  • How to stop waking up at night, worrying that you’ve let something “slip through the cracks”
  • A good motto to work by (watch your personal productivity soar)
  • 5 ways managers defeat themselves when delegating work
  • The D.I.N. strategy that all organized managers swear by
  • Why downtime is important … and how to build it into your schedule
  • The critical difference between a cluttered desk and one that’s messy: How does yours measure up?


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