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How to Become a Powerful Communicator On-Site Training

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The secrets to becoming a polished, high-impact communicator who relates well with others and builds strong relationships in the workplace

Course Description/Agenda

Communication is a fairly simple concept, isn’t it? Then why can it be so doggone difficult in the workplace?!

Goodness, gracious – you’ve been communicating all your life. So why is it so darn difficult to get your point across ... to convey your ideas persuasively ... to get what you need from others in today’s workplace?

The simple answer is that work life is just more complicated nowadays. Think about it. Every day you communicate with people of all ages ... who have widely varying personalities ... and who may or may not share the values and beliefs you hold. Sometimes it might feel as though you’re speaking in a different language (perhaps for some people, you are!).

Being an effective communicator in today’s workplace is flat-out difficult. That’s why this training is so important!

It’s a fact: Navigating the relationships you have to manage each and every day isn’t easy. Establishing yourself as a credible, cooperative, respectful, confident professional is essential. But you can’t do that by winging your approach to communicating with others – you need a special set of skills. Skills you’ll only find in How to Become a Powerful Communicator.

This training helps you open doors ... reduces your frustration ... and paves the path to unlimited career success.

This intensive day of training gives you a blueprint for building the professional life you want for yourself. You’ll learn all the secrets that successful people already know about how to establish rapport with others and gain cooperation for their ideas and projects.

You’ll even learn how to toot your own horn in a way that draws attention to your efforts without rubbing others the wrong way. (As your mom used to say – nobody likes a braggart!)

Are you ready to make small yet powerful changes to your communication style that’ll forever enhance the way others perceive you and respond to you?

Yes, we know this sounds like a huge promise, but it’s not an idle one – in fact, this training is 100 percent GUARANTEED to help you dramatically improve your communication effectiveness, and the result will be no less than:

  1. Increased satisfaction with your job and your life!
  2. Dramatic improvements in the results you get working with others
  3. Less stress and frustration at work
  4. Gargantuan leaps in career success – as you learn how to get the recognition and rewards you deserve for your ideas and contributions

What are you waiting for? Enroll now ... while seats are still available.

This training is so powerful ... so important ... and the enrollment fee is so absurdly low ... that there’s absolutely no reason to give attending a second thought. It’s a no-brainer: This training is perfect for you!

Don’t risk enrolling later only to find out your training location has sold out. Make the decision to attend right now!

What You'll Learn:

  • How to come across confidently, without being perceived as tactless or pushy
  • Keys to “seeing yourself” as others see you ... and how to uncover “bad communication habits” that are damaging your relationships with others
  • How to present your ideas with confidence so that others buy into them
  • The essentials of “active listening” and how these techniques will double your effectiveness overnight
  • How-to’s for communicating with difficult people
  • Super-smart tips for shining in meetings and important conversations
  • And much, much more. It’s one day of training that will make an impact on your communication success FOREVER!

Who Should Attend?

Managers at all levels
Managers who boost their communication skills boost their careers! This workshop covers how to communicate more professionally not only verbally but also in writing and in presentations so that you can vastly enhance your overall image. You’ll also learn how to build strong alliances up and down the ladder and improve the results you get from every communication exchange.

Professionals moving up the career ladder
Excellent communication skills are the mark of a professional who is going places! Regardless of your field, you’ll learn communication how-to’s, techniques, and strategies that will put you head and shoulders above others who possess so-so communication skills and will help you build rapport with others quickly and establish your credibility fast.

Department supervisors and team leaders
Team leaders and supervisors get their results through others, which means that top-notch communication skills are a career essential. You’ll learn how to give crystal-clear instructions, how to gain information through active listening, how to defuse explosive situations, and much more.

Anyone whose results depend on effective communication
Whether your career is sales, human resources, public relations, manufacturing, information technology, or law, your career success hinges on how well you communicate with others.

This intensive two days of training will help you get your point across powerfully, become a perceptive listener, influence others to your viewpoint, sell your ideas, and much, much more!

Workshop Agenda:

Your confidential “power communication” profile

  • Recognize and avoid common speaking habits and mistakes that say you’re a “lightweight”
  • Take advantage of your personal strengths and communication pluses
  • Learn self-anchoring – the wellspring of confident communication
  • Face and conquer the most common fears that “short-circuit” your communication power

Manage the power of the image you communicate

  • You’ve heard about dressing for the job you want instead of the job you have – here’s how to make sure your communication style is serving your professional image
  • How the inadvertent use of just a few common words can destroy the impact of what you’ve just said
  • Make sure your body language, eye contact, tone of voice, and gestures communicate the message you want
  • How to appear poised and confident even when you’re not
  • The power of the “voice image” – discover yours
  • Explore your personal pattern of communication behavior – in what situations are you likely to be powerful, overpowering, powerless?
  • Choose the appropriate response for every situation

Confidently deal with difficult people and tough situations

  • The secret of master diplomats – how to take advantage of the potential for a positive outcome from most conflicts
  • How to deal with backstabbing and ridicule
  • What to do when you’re challenged or put down in front of others
  • Handling criticism: Defeat the “great manipulator”
  • Quickly defuse the explosive nature of tense confrontations
  • Recognize and deal effectively with the aggressive tactics of others
  • Conquer your fear of conflict

Make a powerful impact at meetings and presentations

  • Harnessing the power of speaking in front of others
  • 4 ways to make a dynamic impression at meetings
  • How to handle interruptions when you have the floor
  • Deal with the anxiety of speaking before others
  • The vital importance of humor – how to make it work for you
  • How to capture immediate


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