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2073 Programming a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Database On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

This course provides students with the technical skills required to program a database solution by using Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000

Course Description/Agenda

This course provides students with the technical skills required to program a database solution by using Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000.

Prerequisite(s) or equivalent knowledge:
2151 Microsoft Windows 2000 Network and Operating System Essentials
2152B Implementing Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional and Server
Lesson 1: SQL Server Overview
What Is SQL Server?
SQL Server Integration
SQL Server Databases
SQL Server Security
Working with SQL Server
Lesson 2: Overview of Programming SQL Server
Designing Enterprise Application Architecture
SQL Server Programming Tools
The Transact-SQL Programming Language
Elements of Transact-SQL
Additional Language Elements
Ways to Execute Transact-SQL Statement
Lesson 3: Creating and Managing Databases
Creating Databases
Creating Filegroups
Managing Databases
Introduction to Data Structures
Lesson 4: Creating Data Types and Tables
Creating Data Types
Creating Tables
Generating Column Values
Generating Scripts
Lesson 5: Implementing Data Integrity
Types of Data Integrity
Enforcing Data Integrity
Defining Constraints
Types of Constraints
Disabling Constraints
Using Defaults and Rules
Deciding Which Enforcement Method to Use
Lesson 6: Planning Indexes
Introduction to Indexes
Index Architecture
How SQL Server Retrieves Stored Data
How SQL Server Maintains Index and Heap Structures
Deciding Which Columns to Index
Lesson 7: Creating and Maintaining Indexes
Creating Indexes
Creating Index Options
Maintaining Indexes
Introduction to Statistics
Querying the sysindexes Table
Setting Up Indexes Using the Index Tuning Wizard
Performance Considerations
Lesson 8: Implementing Views
Introduction to Views
Advantages of Views
Defining Views
Modifying Data Through Views
Optimizing Performance by Using Views
Performance Considerations
Lesson 9: Implementing Stored Procedures
Introduction to Stored Procedures
Creating, Executing, Modifying, and Dropping Stored Procedures
Using Parameters in Stored Procedures
Executing Extended Stored Procedures
Handling Error Messages
Performance Considerations
Lesson 10: Implementing User-defined Functions
What Is a User-defined Function?
Defining User-defined Functions
Examples of User-defined Functions
Lesson 11: Implementing Triggers
Introduction to Triggers
Defining Triggers
How Triggers Work
Examples of Triggers
Performance Considerations
Lesson 12: Programming Across Multiple Servers
Introduction to Distributed Queries
Executing an Ad Hoc Query on a Remote Data Source
Setting Up a Linked Server Environment
Executing a Query on a Linked Server
Managing Distributed Transactions
Modifying Data on a Linked Server
Using Partitioned Views
Lesson 13: Optimizing Query Performance
Introduction to the Query Optimizer
Obtaining Execution Plan Information
Using an Index to Cover a Query
Indexing Strategies
Overriding the Query Optimizer
Lesson 14: Analyzing Queries
Queries That Use the AND Operator
Queries That Use the OR Operator
Queries That Use Join Operations
Lesson 15: Managing Transactions and Locks
Introduction to Transactions and Locks
Managing Transactions
SQL Server Locking
Managing Locks


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