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2565 Developing Microsoft .NET Applications for Windows (Visual Basic.NET) On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

This course provides students with the skills required to build Microsoft® Windows® Forms applications by using the Microsoft .NET Framework

Course Description/Agenda

This course provides students with the skills required to build Microsoft® Windows® Forms applications by using the Microsoft .NET Framework.

Prerequisite(s) or equivalent knowledge:
2559 Introduction to Microsoft Visual Basic .NET Programming with Microsoft.NET
Lesson 1: Introducing Windows Forms
Creating a Form
Adding Controls to a Form
Creating an Inherited Form
Organizing Controls on a Form
Creating MDI Applications
Lesson 2: Working With Controls
Creating an Event Handler for a Control
Using Windows Forms Controls
Using Dialogs
Validating User Input
Creating Controls at Run Time
Creating Menus
Lesson 3: Building Controls
Options for Creating Controls
Adding Functionality to Controls
Adding Design-Time Support for Controls
Licensing a Control
Lesson 4: Using Data in Windows Forms Applications
Adding ADO.NET Objects to a Windows Forms Application
Accessing and Modifying Data by Using DataSets
Binding Data to Controls
Using the DataGrid Control
Overview of XML Web Services
Creating a Simple XML Web Services Client
Lesson 5: Interoperating with COM Objects
Using .NET and COM Components in a Windows Forms Application
Calling Win32 APIs from Windows Forms Applications
Lesson 6: Reporting and Printing in Windows Forms Applications
Creating Reports Using Crystal Reports
Printing From a Windows Forms Application
Using the Print Preview, Page Setup, and Print Dialogs
Constructing Print Document Content Using GDI+
Lesson 7: Asynchronous Programming
The .NET Asynchronous Programming Model
The Asynchronous Programming Model Design Pattern
How to Make Asynchronous Calls to Methods
Lesson 8: Enhancing the Usability of Applications
Adding Accessibility Features
Adding Help to an Application
Localizing an Application
Lesson 9: Deploying Windows Forms Applications
.NET Assemblies
Deploying Windows Forms Applications
Lesson 10: Securing Windows Forms Applications
Security in the .NET Framework
Using Code Access Security
Using Role-Based Security


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