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Fundamentals of Communication On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

This course provides an overview of the basic principles of business communication.

Course Description/Agenda

This course provides an overview of the basic principles of business communication. It provides guidelines and best practices for effectively communicating in the workplace.

At Course Completion:
- Communicate formally and informally in business so there is a mutual understanding between the sender and the receiver.

- Write clear, concise business communication so that it has a positive and meaningful impact on the reader and achieves the desired result.

- Use graphics in business communication so that facts, processes, and summaries are effectively designed to convey visual and textual information.

- Use verbal and non-verbal communication appropriately in business so that there are no barriers to mutual understanding in culturally diverse organizations.

- Use electronic communication in business so that you observe proper etiquette and ensure professionalism to send and receive messages.

Prerequisite(s) or equivalent knowledge:
Word 2003 - Level 1
Lesson 1: Understanding Business Communication
Identify Basic Communication Techniques
Describe Formal and Informal Communication
Lesson 2: Communicating in Writing
Write Effective Business Documents
Write Effective Business Letters
Write Effective Memos
Write Effective Reports
Lesson 3: Communicating with Graphics
Create Graphics for Business Communication
Communicate Static Information
Communicate Dynamic Information
Lesson 4: Using Verbal and Non-verbal Communication
Describe Verbal and Non-verbal Communication
Identify Elements of Effective Meetings
Identify Elements of Effective Presentations
Read Body Language
Lesson 5: Communicating Electronically
Using Voice Communication in Business
Using Internet Communication in Business


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