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Adobe InDesign CS4 Fundamentals On-Site Training

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Design professional layouts for print and digital publishing

Course Description/Agenda

New Adobe® InDesign® CS4 software breaks down the barriers between online and offline publishing. In this class you learn to create compelling print materials. InDesign CS4 professional page layout software is the ideal toolset for designing and delivering sophisticated layouts for print invitations, books and booklets, brochures, product presentation, magazines, and more.

Design professional layouts for print and digital publishing

You’ll learn with InDesign novices as well as experienced designers switching to InDesign, the new standard for layout software.

You should have working knowledge of your computer (Mac or PC) and its operating. You should be comfortable using your mouse and finding a folder on the hard drive or the Desktop. Please be sure you know how to open, save and close a file and find it later.

  • Configure and save a workspace tailored for your projects
  • Choose the right tool for the task: for example, choose the Selection tool, the Direct Selection tool, or the Position tool
  • Show and hide the new Application bar
  • Navigate your document 6 ways
  • Start and save an InDesign document
  • Create a master page and add a footer to it
  • Apply your master page to a document
  • Modify and resize text and graphics frames
  • Wrap text around a graphic
  • Create a frame with columns; adjust text inset
  • Preflight as you work
  • Create type on a path
  • Crop content using the position tool
  • Add text and apply a style
  • Load styles from another document
  • Flow text with new Smart Text reflow
  • Thread text from frame to frame
  • Align text vertically and horizontally
  • Use new Smart Guides to align differing items
  • Change the number of columns on a page
  • Create and apply a character style
  • Find and change text and formats
  • Group and ungroup objects
  • Spell-check a story
  • Add sections to change page numbers
  • Find out what your commercial printer requires
  • Add colors to the Swatches palette
  • Apply colors to objects and text
  • Use layers to protect your work
  • Create, apply, and modify a gradient
  • Create a tint and spot color

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