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Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Fundamentals On-Site Training

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Build a successful Dreamweaver Web site

Course Description/Agenda

Learn to build a website from the ground up. Dreamweaver is the gold standard for making websites. In this 3-day class you’ll learn how to design, develop, and maintain a fully functioning Web site. Topics includes new Dreamweaver CS4 features along with creating and applying style sheets, adding style with images and multimedia, publishing and maintaining a web site, and using hyperlinks to navigate throughout a website or link to other sites on the Internet.

Build a successful Dreamweaver Web site.

Lifelong learners new to Web work, including designers, graphic artists, technical writers, e-learning authors, and developers.

Comfortable use of Windows or Mac operating system. Frequent, competent use of one or more software applications.

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  • Overview of Dreamweaver features including what’s new in Dreamweaver CS4
  • How websites work
  • Introduction to HTML
  • Creating, opening and saving documents
Creating and Managing a New Site
  • Defining a site
  • Adding pages
  • Managing Files and folders
  • Defining page properties
Adding Text and Images
  • Typography on the web
  • Adding text
  • Introduction to styles
  • Creating hyperlinks
  • Relative vs. absolute links
  • Linking to an email address
  • Inserting images
  • Image formats and resolution
Working with Cascading Style Sheets
  • Understanding Style Sheets
  • Creating and modifying styles
  • Advanced text formatting
  • Internal vs. External Style Sheets
  • Creating page layouts with CSS
Managing Site Design
  • Using Snippets
  • Introducing Library items
  • Creating new pages from templates
  • Repeating regions
Using Tables
  • Using tables for layout
  • Tables vs. CSS
Building Web Forms
  • How forms work
  • Building a form
  • Adding form validation
Managing Your Website
  • Transfering files to a remote server
  • Checking links sitewide
  • Search engine optimization
  • Site Launch Checklist
  • Launching your site


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