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Busting Marketing Myths: Prove It Before You Promote It On-Site Training

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Make your marketing more on-target, measurable, accountable, productive, and profitable.

Course Description/Agenda

Marketing based on gut feelings fails at least 50% of the time - if you’re lucky. Successful marketing isn’t a question of opinion or taste, but of what consistently leads more people to buy. We don’t learn by setting out to prove what we wish to be true. We only learn when we let the evidence show us what works.

But be prepared to stir up a little controversy. The Busting Marketing Myths: Prove It Before You Promote It challenges traditional marketing wisdom. It takes a courageous stand, dares expose relying on gut intuition as foolhardy, and proves it.

This information isn’t just theory based on ideas, it’s the product of 30 years of testing and measuring advertising and marketing, reviewing what other results-based marketers have learned, and exploring what scientific marketing techniques are working best in the real world, right now. We'll teach you how to avoid being duped by marketing myths, so you can accurately and reliably predict, target, and profit from consumer behavior. You’ll leave with tools you can apply right away to make your marketing more on-target, measurable, accountable, productive, and profitable.

Benefits of Attending

Whether you’re a marketing executive, an agency professional, or a creative, you’ll learn how to move past - this worked, that didn’t - to “this worked, and worked again.

  • As you discover the true science of marketing, you’ll be trained to:
  • Apply the scientific method (instead of intuition) to marketing to ensure measurable, projectable profits - before you launch
  • Get your customers to show – not tell – you exactly how they’ll react to your next marketing effort
  • Conduct amazingly reliable predictive research on a shoestring budget with ease AND with effective results
  • Replace misapplied focus group and phone/web surveys with proven methods that truly predict market behavior
  • Use powerful branding strategies that speak to consumers on a deeper level – based on years of scientific research into human behavior

PLUS, you’ll learn how to apply critical thinking skills to your research, strategy, branding, targeting, testing, and rollout from start to finish, campaign to campaign. We’ve done the research; you’ll learn the step-by-step strategies that are working in the real world, right now. In the end, you’ll find that bringing marketing into the realm of science enhances your creativity. Better yet, it will channel your creativity so it works harder for you, more profitably for you, than ever before.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who contributes to your marketing strategy. As well as all of your Middle and Senior Level Executives, including:

  • Company Presidents
  • Company Vice Presidents
  • VPs of Marketing
  • Marketing Directors
  • Marketing Managers
  • Advertising Executives
  • Advertising Account Managers
  • Creative Directors
  • Copywriters

Why You Should Attend

At last, here’s a technique to throw out the guesswork and build certainty into marketing.

  • Among the questions you’ll get the definitive answers to:
  • How to drill down to the why of consumer behavior - to dig deeper for the actual cause in marketing - not just correlations - in order to deliver what they are seeking
  • Creative ways to to conduct valid, predictive in-depth testing, even on shoestring budget
  • How to test and evaluate marketing methods the way scientists test hypotheses so you get results that work in the real world. Better still, that you can count on to come out the same way every time </ ul>

    Register for the Take the Guesswork Out of Marketing: Prove It Before You Promote It now and gain the knowledge and skills necessary to craft marketing that works, predictively and reliable time and time again—and avoid needless costly failures


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