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Train Excel® to Read Your Mind On-Site Training

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Time saving tools, tricks, shortcuts and tips you can use to slash your time spent using Excel®

Course Description/Agenda

How much (and how well) do YOU use Excel?

  • Do you struggle trying to get Excel to cooperate with you?
  • Are you the Excel go-to-person looking to take your skill to the next level, thus making you even more indispensible?
  • Are you spending too much time trying to write formulas or just trying to get it to print out right?
  • If you could learn to customize your screen to meet your needs, and streamline your workbooks to the point that Excel seemed to be reading your mind and doing your work for you, would you do it?
  • If you could reduce time spent on Excel by 30%-70%, and actually increase your work output

What would you do with all of that extra time?
Would you like to find out?


  • Use keyboard shortcuts that reduce dependence on the mouse, and result in quicker keyboard navigation
  • Print a worksheet quickly, without sacrificing the look you want to achieve
  • Customize a toolbar, removing buttons you never use, and adding ones you need
  • Import lists into Excel instead of retyping them
  • Navigate through the workbook efficiently
  • Create charts that paint a perfect-picture image of your spreadsheets
  • Link your spreadsheets for fast, efficient, error-free workbooks
  • Create and use templates to save you time every day, week, month
  • Use the IF, VLOOKUP, and PMT functions

Here are 10 of the hottest time-saving keyboard shortcuts you should already be using!
(HOT TIP-cut this out and place it by your computer for quick reference)

  1. Ctrl+Shift+*
    Select current region
  2. Alt+;(semicolon)
    Select all visible cells in range, leaving hidden cells behind
  3. Ctrl+Spacebar
    Select entire column
  4. Shift+Spacebar
    Select entire row
  5. Ctrl+; (semicolon)
    Insert current date
  6. Ctrl+Shift+: (colon)
    Insert current time
  7. Ctrl+PgDn
    Activates sheet to right
  8. Ctrl+PgUp
    Activates sheet to left
  9. Right Click on Nav. Tabs (you know, those little arrow keys in the lower left-hand side of your page)
    to jump from one worksheet to another
    Creates a CHART of all highlighted cells!


Here's another quick tip

So you import data from a database, but each time you import it, you have to make the same changes. Why would you do that? You can have Excel “watch” what you do as you make your changes, and in the future, with a push of a button, Excel will make the changes for you! It’s as simple as recording a macro.

Here’s how easy it is (if you don’t already know):

1) Click “Record Macro” It will ask you to name it and give it a place to live. Now you do your thing— import your data and make the necessary changes.

2) Click “Stop Recording”
That’s it!

Wasn’t that easy? You’ll find the “Record Macro” button in the developer tab. If you don’t see a developer tab, we’ll fix that in the seminar.

Next time, import your data, press the button, and SHAZAM! Done.



  • Slash your time building workbooks.
  • Start using the tools that make your work more efficient and your life easier.
  • Print worksheets and workbooks easily, with the look you want.
  • Customize toolbars to streamline them with only the buttons you use.
  • Navigate through workbooks with ease.
  • Link your worksheets for fast, efficient, error-free workbooks.
  • Create templates that will save you time every day, week, and month.
  • Use 3D formulas to add multiple sheets and workbooks together.
  • Create and use pivot tables that reduce the need to sort and filter.
  • Write formulas to add multiple sheets and workbooks together.
  • Protect your work so others can view it, but not change it.
  • Create smarter worksheets that give you answers fast.
  • Easily and quickly create clear charts and graphs.
  • Transform ANY list into a useful database.
  • Make your spreadsheets more functional so the important data seems to jump right out at you.

Meet Your Speaker:

Martin O’Connor - Don’t think learning Excel can be fun? Check out Martin’s on-line videos at livetrainingseminars.com, and you’ll see why he won Best Excel Trainer 2 years in a row. Now’s your chance to go to the best Excel class out there, add to your skill set, and have fun doing it— guaranteed or your money back. Martin O’Connor has been a business owner, speaker, and trainer for the last 15 years, and has educated thousands of people in a variety of both soft and hard skills. No matter what he’s teaching, he promises no selling, no time-wasting, no questions unanswered, and NO MORE BORING TRAINING EVER!


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