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Business Writing the Easy Way On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

Learn how to quickly and easily produce flawless, effective documents every time—even if writing isn’t your thing.

Course Description/Agenda

Modern business writing has changed. Are your writing skills up to date?
Your reputation is on the line with every word you write. Do you know how your writing is affecting your career?

This seminar not only serves as an excellent refresher course, but will also give even the most proficient writers new tools they can use to take both their personal and professional writing to the next level. After this seminar, you’ll have the ability to quickly determine your audience and write in the language of that audience; determine which are the right tools and resources to access for the challenges we all encounter; and produce flawless documents that yield positive results every time.

Imagine how much easier your life would be if everyone in your entire organization knew:

  • The new rules of Business writing—including how many spaces really come after a period, how to correctly punctuate, and what tone to use
  • How to respond with tact and finesse to customer complaints and requests using templates to ensure speed and accuracy
  • How to use resources to ensure your documents are error-free without having to memorize all of the rules
  • How to correctly write in gender neutral, culturally sensitive terms while still sounding like a real person
  • How to format documents so they are informative as well as eye-catching and scannable
  • How to write emails that are short, informative, and polite without rubbing anyone the wrong way
  • How to quickly and easily get thoughts from the brain to the page, and
  • How to get the answers they need when questions arise about style and usage

In This Seminar You’ll Learn:

  • How to shift your writing style to meet the different needs and personality types of your customers
  • Email etiquette, and how to write e-mails that get results
  • When writing is and isn’t appropriate, and how to save time and face by picking up the phone
  • Where to find the templates and scripts you need to organize your thoughts and slash your writing time in half
  • How to brainstorm for creativity and overcome writer’s block
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes in business writing
  • How to choose the right words quickly and easily-- from who or whom to effect or affect


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