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Diver$ity for Fun and Profit On-Site Training

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How to instantly become more aware and inclusive-increasing the return on investment from both your personal and professional relationships

Course Description/Agenda

We’re already EEO compliant—isn’t that enough?

The Equal Employment Opportunity laws prohibit certain types of employment discrimination. A strong diversity initiative actually increases productivity and profit in an organization by encouraging different and diverse types of people to contribute to the success of that organization in various ways. You are not legally required to be inclusive or diverse. You can still legally discriminate in many ways. If you believe that you have a diversity policy simply because you are EEO compliant, please stop reading here and register immediately. We mean it. Right now.

Are you making money with your diversity program?
A superior diversity program such as ours is about good business, and should be making you money, not costing you money, in the long-term.

How are you working with the dimensions of diversity you currently have?
Crank your productivity into high gear by learning to work more effectively with people of diverse personality types, communication styles, and problem-solving skills.

Are you creating a hostile work environment?
If you don’t have a proactive diversity program, you probably are—but how would you know?

What tools does your staff have for managing diversity?
At this workshop, you will receive tools you can immediately use to help you become more proactive, diverse, and inclusive at work and at home.

In This Seminar You’ll Learn:

  • What valuing diversity means
  • The financial impact celebrating and valuing diversity has on your company’s bottom-line
  • The right language to use when discussing diversity and diverse groups
  • How to maintain a safe workplace and respond to inappropriate language or attitudes
  • How to capitalize on diversity in the decision-making process
  • How to analyze your own perceptions on diversity
  • How to behave in ways that value diversity
  • What collusion is and how to avoid it
  • What the Platinum Rule is and how to implement it
  • How to create a personal action plan for valuing diversity in the workplace
  • How our workforce and customers will change in the new age we’re moving into-and how to adapt


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Power Diversity
Power Diversity Seminars

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