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The Power of Your Presence introduces managers and professionals at all organizational levels to key principles that support and expand their personal leadership, impact and influence. This dynamic workshop provides "power skills" that rapidly enhance personal confidence, courage and presence in virtually any workplace interaction.

Course Description/Agenda

Enhance Your Leadership Style and Effectiveness

The Power of Your Presence Workshop introduces key principles that support and expand effective leadership in the workplace. We provide practical tools and techniques to rapidly enhance your leadership ability, regardless of your current level of experience. Managers and professionals at all levels will benefit from this intensive, hands-on program.

Workshop topics include: How to present yourself with persuasive confidence in diverse business interactions; how to manage conflict through a greater understanding of behavioral styles of others; how to approach high-pressure situations with flexibility, poise and strong communication skills; how to develop and maintain a presence of personal power and leadership; enhancing your individual leadership style.

Accelerate your executive development!

Enhance your personal impact and influence
Strengthen your ability to connect and establish rapport
Develop a more charismatic leadership style
Learn new approaches for being persuasive with your views and ideas
Practice techniques for thinking on your feet and responding under pressure
Identify your individual strengths, and how to leverage them for continued growth

Workshop Outline:

Day One: Identifying Your Leadership Style

  • Impact and influence principles — their relationship to your work life
  • Your use of power — how it affects your impact on others
  • Practical tools for accelerating your learning in leadership
  • Techniques for enhancing your physical presence
  • Private feedback sessions — maximizing your individual leadership power

Day Two: Building Your Leadership

  • Expanding Your Ability to Stay Poised Under Pressure
  • Identifying Primary Behavioral Styles — How to read and respond to others
  • Developing a ‘Conflict-Hearty’ Attitude
  • Communication Principles that Enhance Your Impact
  • Building an Inspirational Leadership Style

Day Three: Presenting Yourself with Impact

  • Thinking Effectively On Your Feet
  • Individual Videotaped Presentations — Facilitator and group feedback
  • Private Feedback/Action Planning (one-on-ones)

Day Four: Leadership Presence at Work

  • Advanced Persuasion Skills
  • Seeing Yourself as Others Perceive You
  • Translating Your Learning Back to the Workplace

Here's What Our Clients Have to Say About
Power of Your Presence

“Thanks for the wonderful workshop. I truly enjoyed it and learned from it.”
M. Lillian, Cisco Systems
“Attending the Power of Your Presence Workshop changed my life. Learning to develop, restore and maintain personal balance and alignment helped me champion a very difficult situation in my professional life. The tools and techniques . . . are powerful, practical, easy to use and very sustainable. This is not a bookshelf seminar that is easily forgotten. . . . it really makes a difference.”
A. Vasquez, Director of Operations, Burger King
“As a result of the workshop, I find I am able to stay stronger now when my ‘buttons get pushed.’ I also catch my own negative thinking quicker, and use the very practical tools from the workshop to shift myself into a more positive and powerful frame. Thanks for the tools and personal coaching. I continue to recommend Power of Your Presence to my colleagues.”
T. Mackin, Partner, Stop At Nothing

“I cannot express how much my life has changed as a result of the Power of Your Presence workshop and 1-on-1 coaching. I have literally gone from being viewed as someone who may have untapped potential to being viewed and cultivated as a ‘high potential’ employee by my boss’s entire staff….I cannot express how liberating it feels to be comfortable and confident in voicing my concerns with executives in my organization—and for that matter, outside my organization.”
K. B., Portfolio Manager, International Computer Technology & Hardware Company


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