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How to Conduct Behavior-Based Interviews On-Site Training

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Behavior-Based Interviewing = On-Target Hires, Every Time. Period.

Course Description/Agenda

All your hiring worries gone … all the hassles of making a hiring mistake avoided. How great does that sound?

If you’re tired of weeding through piles of résumés, getting canned answers, and struggling to find out what the person is REALLY like, you don’t want to miss this workshop. It will forever change your outlook on interviewing and hiring.

Behavior-based interviewing virtually eliminates the chances of choosing the wrong candidate. Plus, it drastically reduces the time and stress you spend conducting interviews!

Don’t fall victim to traditional interviewing techniques that fail far too often!
Old interviewing methods are only 10% predictive of future on-the-job behavior. So, it’s no wonder so many managers like you find the whole interview process nerve-wracking. But with behavior-based interviewing, you’ll never again feel uneasy or be left searching for more information after the candidate is gone. Plus, you’ll never again be fooled by a well-rehearsed candidate who would otherwise end up being the worst choice you could have made!

Eliminate your hiring anxiety and mistakes and uncover the perfect match every time
When you attend this seminar, you’ll learn behavior-based interviewing techniques that can be used to hire everyone from the entry-level mailroom clerk to the CEO! You’ll instantly know how to weed out weak applicants … make the absolute best hiring decisions every time … and watch your department’s productivity soar with a highly effective staff!

In just one day, you’ll learn that behavior-based interviewing strategies:

  • Are the most accurate way to predict the future success of candidates
  • Can dramatically slash your time spent on the interviewing process
  • Give you a systematic interviewing process that eliminates the mistakes of hiring “from the gut”
  • Save organizations like yours thousands of dollars each year in wasted time and effort spent interviewing unqualified candidates
  • Virtually eliminate the costly risk of making bad hires
  • And much more!

Never make a bad hiring decision again – enroll today!
Let’s face it … you can make 15 successful hires in a row, but if you make a colossal blunder on your 16th, that’s the one that people will remember! Don’t let it happen when it’s so easy to avoid! Join us for an enjoyable, eye-opening day of training, and learn the one interviewing technique that can help you go “16-for-16” in successful hires.

What You'll Learn:

  • Ask questions that tell you what you need to know – not what the candidate wants you to know
  • Find hidden qualities that show you have a great candidate
  • Look for problem characteristics that could cause trouble down the road
  • Screen resumes and applications to find the strongest candidates for the job
  • Create a positive balance of questions that puts you and the candidate at ease
  • Reduce the time you spend interviewing and hiring
  • And much more!

Workshop Agenda:

Basics of Behavior-Based Interviewing

  • Identify what behavior-based interviewing is
  • The pros and cons of behavior-based interviewing
  • What’s the difference between an interview and a conversation? Find out here.
  • Using the Iceberg Model to better understand human behavior
  • Unearth someone’s motivation to work – and to work in the job you have available
  • The 4 kinds of applicants – and how to always pick the right one to hire
  • Pre-interview preparation that every manager MUST do to ensure a great interview follows
  • How to identify exactly what you’re looking for in a candidate
  • Identify the “skill” and “will” you’re seeking
  • Consider organizational culture and build it into the job description

Successfully Screening Candidates to Eliminate Wasted Time

  • How to use the applicant’s past to predict future performance
  • Why you should never completely dismiss a candidate just because of a lack of skill for the job
  • How to use résumés and applications to immediately identify the red flags in an applicant’s past
  • Weed out the “non-fits” immediately and focus on the“possible-fits” and “definites”
  • Use telephone screening to save hours of time and prevent being influenced by appearances

The ABCs of Conducting Effective Behavior-Based Interviews

  • How to properly set up a structured interview
  • The anatomy of the initial interview: What to cover and how much time to spend in each area
  • Creating the ideal interview setting: Dos and don’ts
  • Questions to avoid in every interview or you could end up in court
  • How to question and probe to unearth what you need to know
  • The 3 common types of interview questions and how and when to use each
  • Creating a positive balance of questions that puts both you and the candidate at ease
  • Constructing behavior-based questions that let you know what a candidate is really like
  • How to use behavioral examples to determine “skill and will” levels, identify strengths, and pinpoint shortcomings
  • Maximize interview time by testing behavior-based questions early on

Unearthing Hidden Qualities – or Problems – With Effective Interviewing Techniques

  • Ask questions that will expose whether a candidate is a team player, a quick learner, a methodical worker and more
  • Get candidates to cough up details – and not just an overview
  • 21 ways to say, “Please elaborate on that …” and gain even more insight
  • How to minimize ambiguous responses
  • How to sequence questions that build on each other and keep the conversation rolling
  • Establishing – and maintaining – rapport, even during the longest interviews
  • Communication essentials: Reading body language
  • How to keep information flowing: Avoid accidentally cutting off a candidate too soon
  • How to jot down quick notes that will make sense later – and help you in the hiring decision
  • How to involve others who have a stake in this hire, without bogging down the process
  • The moment of truth: How to use the “data” you’ve collected to make the best hiring deci


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