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Creative Direct Marketing Strategies On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

Develop innovative and successful direct mail strategies for your company and jump-start your direct marketing career

Course Description/Agenda

Develop innovative and successful direct mail strategies for your company and jump-start your direct marketing career. Learn dozens of proven tools that the country’s biggest and best companies rely on. This unique and interactive two day seminar will ensure you know how to make your next direct marketing campaign a huge success. Learn everything you need to know about positioning, choosing the right target market, developing the most effective message, and making your creative work.

Benefits of Attending

  • Over two fast-paced, highly interactive days, you’ll learn:
  • How to develop a “blueprint” for your program that will help ensure success before the creative work begins
  • 4 important ways to segment your prospects and develop more targeted appeals
  • 17 proven direct marketing techniques you can immediately apply to your own program
  • 7 specific checklists for creating and evaluating direct mail letters, brochures, reply cards, involvement devices, and print ads

Who Should Attend

This training is valuable for:

  • Direct marketing managers, directors and VPs of any company
  • Account directors from advertising or direct marketing agencies who want to sharpen their strategic skills
  • Copywriters who want to improve their strategic sales skills
  • Anyone who is responsible for the success of the business-to-business direct marketing programs within a company - especially senior executives and sales managers

Why You Should Attend

Are you responsible for the success of B-to-B marketing programs? Attend this seminar and make sure – before starting a project – you can answer critical questions like these:

  • Are there any tricks for integrating our e-mail and other marketing programs?
  • How can I avoid going forward with an offer that totally bombs?
  • What does it take to make features crystal-clear – and to wow readers with benefits?
  • What are my options when response falls below expectations?


  1. Copy of Alan Rosenspan’s newly revised “101 Ways to Improve Response” booklet. Are you looking for specific ideas on improving your next direct mail package? This highly acclaimed list has been published in several direct marketing magazines and Web sites. You’ll find it full of valuable tips on improving everything from your outer envelope to your reply device, as well as ideas for offers. It also includes many useful references and examples.

  2. Join your nationally recognized direct marketing expert and other seminar attendees in this open and valuable analysis of direct marketing packages and advertisements. Please bring your direct marketing pieces to the seminar for review. This is just one more way to get fresh, usable ideas in this interactive seminar.

  3. You will receive a workbook packed with valuable information you can continually reference back on the job. It includes proven techniques, checklists, guidelines, and a wealth of other methods for improving your company's results. Plus, there is ample space for you to take notes and highlight new ideas as they are presented during class discussions.

    Attendees tell us this workbook alone is worth the price of admission!

Continuing Education Units Awarded

Continuing Education Units may be used as evidence of your new skills and educational accomplishments. Attendees earn .8 CEUs per day. You will be mailed your certificate of completion reflecting CEUs earned.


DAY 19:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.

Please arrive 30 minutes earlier than the start time to register. Continental breakfast will be served.

How Direct Marketing is Being Reinventing

  • How direct marketing is becoming more complex - what you need to know to keep up
  • How consumers and businesses are changing
  • New tools every direct marketer should be maximizing
  • Up-to-date case history

The Building Blocks of Strategy

  • Introduction to strategic thinking - your secret weapon
  • The Law of the Grizzly
  • Segmenting for success
  • Next step marketing - the quick basics
  • Jump-start your campaign with he Creative Strategy Form
  • Lessons from AT&T, American Express, iMarket, NEC, and others

The Weapons of Strategy

  • Why you can't afford to confuse features and benefits
  • How to make the most of the Incredible Pencil Test
  • Understanding barriers and levers
  • Where testing fits into every good strategy

Boost the Creativity of Your Offers

  • The Godfather Technique
  • Simple but effective tips for creating an irresistible offer
  • Know how to present the offer
  • How to tap into the power of an offer test
  • The Commitment Ladder
  • 10 offers that may work for you (and 10 to avoid at all costs)
  • The world's greatest offers

Choosing the Right Media

  • The pros and cons of direct mail, print, radio, TV, the Internet, and other media
  • Innovative use of media - what you can learn from what others are doing
  • How the Internet changes everything

17 Proven Direct Marketing Creative Strategies (and when to use them)

  • The Cluster Bomb
  • Static Cling
  • "Something in a Box"
  • The Chairman's Letter
  • Personalization Plus
  • The Maybe Box
  • The Certificate Trick
  • The Professional Challenge
  • The Q&A Segue

Apply What You've Learned: A Strategic Assignment

  • How-to's for creating better direct marketing
  • Divide into groups and tackle a strategic assignment
Networking Opportunity:
Lunch will be served each day to facilitate networking with your peers.

9:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.

Which Direct Mail Package Pulled Best?

  • See actual solutions and results

Copy and Design Workshop

Learn new and proven tools for creating and evaluating direct mail packages and advertisements, including:

  • How to write effective letters
  • How to choose the right format
  • Break out of the box with these creative format ideas
  • Pros and cons of outer envelope techniques
  • A smart approach to creating lift notes
  • How to write powerful headlines
  • Design involvement devices that draw readers like a magnet
  • The rules of effective reply cards
  • 10 checklists: How to evaluate and improve every element of a direct mail piece
  • Advanced techniques: 5 creativity tests - which will stimulate your thinking

101 Ways to Increase Response

Direct Marketing Critiques

Join other seminar attendees in an open and valuable analysis of direct marketing packages or advertisements.

Anatomy of a Gold ECHO

Get the inside story behind a 2004 Gold ECHO-winning campaign – and the one that beat it last year! – and see how to apply the same lesson to your program.

Please bring your direct marketing pieces to the seminar for review.



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