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Retaining and Winning Back Profitable Customers On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

Learn How to Better Manage Customer Acquisition, Retention and Winback to Increase Profits – All in Just Two Days.

Course Description/Agenda

Master specific and proven strategies for recovering the customers you’ve lost and keeping the valuable ones you already have.

How many customers have you lost this year? If you’re like most companies, 10% - 40% of your customers have walked away and will never return. When you lose a customer, you lose more than just revenue. You have to go out and find new customers to replace the lost ones – and that can be costly and time-consuming.

That’s why this workshop is so timely. In two days, you’ll learn the vital connection between customer loss, customer retention, and customer acquisition as well as how to retain your current customers … win back customers who’ve left … identify and stabilize at-risk customers … and give your most desirable customers all the reasons they need to stay.

Designed for both B-to-B and B-to-C companies of any size, this fast-paced workshop will arm you with an actionable plan for your organization to use right away.

Benefits of Attending

  • Understand the relationships between customer loss, customer retention and customer acquisition – insight that is critical to your ongoing success
  • Learn why the reasons customers leave may not be what you think – and how to get to the real root of the problem
  • The secrets to winning back lost customers – and preventing at-risk customers from leaving
  • Customer defection is a company problem – learn how to pull together to win back or save high-value customers.
  • Target and acquire new customers who will perform like your most profitable customers – and stop wasting money on the rest
  • Build an organization and culture in which everything – from communications to processes – is centered around the customer
  • Clear up misconceptions about customer loyalty and customer satisfaction – and the real differences between the two.

Take part in a detailed case study and gain hands-on experience devising a plan to promote winback, customer retention and loyalty. Work with a group of your peers and present your program to the class. It’s a powerful learning experience you’ll benefit from long after the workshop is over.

Who Should Attend

Middle and Senior-Level Executives in...

  • Business Development
  • Corporate Communications
  • Customer Relations/Satisfaction & CRM
  • Customer Retention & Loyalty
  • Customer Service & Contact Centers
  • Database Marketing
  • Loyalty & Relationship Marketing Agencies
  • Market Research & Analysis
  • Marketing
  • Sales & Sales Promotion
  • Strategic Planning

Why You Should Attend

Ask Yourself:

  • Do you consider a lost customer a lost cause?
  • Are you tired of losing customers and having to constantly recruit new ones?
  • Do you spend most of your time acquiring and retaining customers – but a lot less on winning lost customers back?
  • Are you unsure which lost customers are even worth trying to win back?
  • Do you consider complaining customers to be nuisances?
  • Would you do something to stop customers who are about to jump ship - if you only knew who they are?

If you answered “yes” to even one of these questions, this workshop’s for you.


You will receive a workbook packed with valuable information you can continually reference back on the job. It includes proven techniques, checklists, guidelines, and a wealth of other methods for improving your company's results. Plus, there is ample space for you to take notes and highlight new ideas as they are presented during class discussions.

Attendees tell us this workbook alone is worth the price of admission!

Continuing Education Units Awarded

Continuing Education Units may be used as evidence of your new skills and educational accomplishments. Attendees earn .8 CEUs per day. You will be mailed your certificate of completion reflecting CEUs earned.


8:30 A.M. - 4:30 P.M.

Please arrive 30 minutes earlier than the start time to register. Continental breakfast will be served.

Apply hard-working strategies to win back lost customers, save those on the brink of defection and make your company defection-proof.

Get Started – An Introduction to the Powerful Customer Life-Cycle

  • The Customer Life-Cycle Concept – what it’s absolutely critical you understand
  • A closer look at the vital link between acquisition, retention, loss and recovery
  • The often surprising causes of customer risk and loss – and the costly effects
  • Can you really save a customer on the brink of defection? Absolutely – here’s how
  • Churn management: How to apply the power of predictive churn modeling to identify customers most likely to jump ship

Win Back Lost Customers

  • Making profitable win-back decisions – who, what and when
  • Lifetime value vs. second lifetime value: How a regained customer may actually mean more ROI
  • Using the Customer Loyalty Compass – a disciplined approach to identifying what drives loyalty
  • Essential tools for making your company defection-proof
  • Providing value to customers you think are “safe” – but really aren’t
  • How to put together a customer information system that drives loyalty
  • What you need to know to profit from online customer communities
  • The important role customer targeting plays in holding on to customers

Involve Your Entire Company

  • The importance of creating winback and other customer-focused teams to help execute your plans
  • Is there a connection between staff loyalty and customer loyalty?
  • 9 best practices for building a company culture that encourages loyalty
  • Why it’s nearly impossible to build customer loyalty with a staff that is not loyal and productive
  • Today’s most effective save and recovery techniques and processes – win back lost customers fast
Networking Opportunity:
Lunch will be served each day to facilitate networking with your peers.

DAY 29:00 A.M. - 3:30 P.M.

Learn cutting-edge tactics for acquiring and retaining profitable customers.

Manage Customer Retention and Satisfaction

  • Tangible and intangible performance measurements – when and how to use each
  • Don’t react to customer complaints – proactively turn them into loyalty-building tools
  • How to use the gap between what customers perceive and what employees think they perceive to improve training, sales, marketing and culture-building
  • Common mistakes made when communicating findings
  • What does it really take to organize for customer loyalty?

Become a Customer-Centric Organization

  • The powerful role the Customer Loyalty Pyramid can play in your organization over the long-term
  • What highly successful, commitment-based companies do differently
  • The “Seven S” Framework Model for setting and managing direction for your organization – how to use it to impact customer processes
  • Tips on using the “Seven S” model to build a customer lifecycle culture and infrastructure
  • Why you need to focus on the tangible and measurable Hard S’s of customer loyalty strategy, structure and systems
  • H


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