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Fundamentals of International Direct Marketing On-Site Training

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Become an international direct marketing leader and successfully expand abroad

Course Description/Agenda

It’s a whole different playing field when you expand into markets outside the United States. The culture, language, laws, pricing, fulfillment – everything in the international direct marketing process needs to be carefully evaluated. Now the information and resources you need to succeed are available in one powerful seminar. Attend and, in just two days, you’ll gain a thorough introduction to marketing outside the United States using proven direct marketing techniques. Starting with how to evaluate your products for foreign markets all the way through mailing and delivery, you’ll learn how to make strategic decisions that will dramatically improve your chances of success.

Benefits of Attending

You have decided that expanding makes sense. We will teach you everything you need to fully tap into the global marketplace such as how to:

  • Be aware of how business practices outside the U.S. may vary and how to avoid unnecessary - and even embarrassing - mistakes.
  • Gain a firm understanding of international mailing and costly pit-falls that many marketers discover the hard way.
  • Get an update on changing legal requirements surrounding privacy.
  • Research and resolve the many issues that arise as you grow internationally.

Who Will Be There

This seminar is designed for everyone in your organization responsible for or involved in expanding into foreign markets. Those with responsibilities in marketing, operations, fulfillment, customer service, and business planning will find guidance and advice that uncovers the nuances of how to do it right over there." The course will help you rethink your business planning and execution processes to accommodate the new global markets.

There will be useful and up-to-date information for everyone, no matter where you are in the expansion process:

  • Newcomers will learn how to get started, pitfalls to avoid, and dozens of ways to cut costs and save time – and avoid false starts.
  • Experienced international marketers will learn new ways to streamline their operations and grow.

Free Bonuses!

  1. Each attendee will receive a copy of Swiss Post’s International AddressGuide 2007/2008 (Retail Value: $27). This valuable reference book will become an important tool when you look to rent or purchase qualified addresses from around the world.

  2. Each attendee will receive a copy of PacNet’s World Payments Guide. (Retail Value: $125) This handy reference guide provides information on the means of payment most commonly used by businesses and consumers in selected countries as means of payment vary widely around the world. The easier you make it for a customer to pay you, the more you sell.

  3. You will receive a workbook packed with valuable material for continued reference back on the job. It includes proven techniques, checklists, guidelines, and a wealth of other methods for improving your company's results. Plus, there is ample space for you to take notes and highlight new ideas as they are presented during class discussions.

    These bonuses alone are worth the price of admission!


DAY 18:30 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.

Please arrive 30 minutes earlier than the start time to register. Continental breakfast will be served.

Preparing the Business Case

  • Evaluate your company, products, and competition
  • What are the “real” economics of your business?
  • Why are you choosing to expand globally?
  • What are your company’s expectations?
  • Why have you chosen these specific products to market?
  • How to identify your competition abroad

Identifying the Markets and Clients

  • The best and cheapest test to ID potential markets and customers
  • Your product isn’t marketed there. Is that good or bad?
  • Tips for taking sure you are finding the best lists (not an easy task)

Determining the Legal and Cultural Issues

  • Will your product be welcome there?
  • Can you sell it your way?
  • What promotional devices are “no-go”
  • Data protection: What you need to know to stay out of trouble

Developing Message Strategy

  • Finding the motivational triggers
  • Breaking through the clutter
  • Creating and keeping your brand identity

Selecting Media

  • What media to choose from (a few surprises)
  • How much money to allocate to each media
  • Mail service: Product offerings and their performance
  • Preparing your website: Localization and globalization
  • Email: When to use it and when to forget it
  • Telemarketing: Country by country
  • Does space advertising make economic sense?
  • The latest on DRTV
  • Mobile: Does this medium work internationally?
  • Others (many surprises)

Preparing DM Messages

  • Overcoming language barriers - yours and theirs
  • Cultural considerations every marketer must know. What is appropriate to sell here may not be “over there” and vice versa
Networking Opportunity:
Lunch will be served each day to facilitate networking with your peers.

DAY 29:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.

Distributing Messages

  • Determine the right timing to be most effective
  • What else must sync in order to manage the entire promotion process

Receiving Responses

  • What every marketer should know when deciding where to process the responses
  • Should you choose a call center location and services “over there” or here
  • How to deal with privacy and data protection issues

Fulfilling Orders

  • Advantages and limitations of fulfilling abroad
  • Dealing with customs, tariffs, VAT and excise taxes
  • Getting paid: How forms of payment are different by market
  • Hidden costs you can avoid including bank fees and conversion rates

Measuring and Analyzing Results

  • What do you need to measure?
  • How to measure by country, region and language
  • What metrics determine success?

Managing Customer Relations

  • How to choose if operating from here or there will work better for you
  • Being time zone sensitive
  • What form of communication will be most cost-effective and customer-friendly

Repeat and Grow

  • Making that first trip abroad: How to determine who you need to meet to expand your business
  • Advice on splitting your marketing, fulfillment, and customer service operations for maximum ROI
  • Where partners fit into your plan and how to evaluate them
  • Proven resources to help you continue to grow over time

Outline is subject to change.


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