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Photoshop CS2 - Level 1 On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

In this course, students work with some of the tools and features to edit images using Photoshop CS2

Course Description/Agenda

Instructor-led Classroom Learning - 2.00 Day(s)
Online Anytime - Self Paced
Mentored Learning - Flexible

In this course, students work with some of the tools and features to edit images using Photoshop CS2.

Who Should Attend:
The design professional who wants to create and design graphics using Photoshop CS2 for final print and web output. Target customers are advertising agencies, marketing agencies, production houses, or departments that work in such disciplines within the larger organization.

At Course Completion:
using the Lasso, Marquee, and Magic Wand tools; and use alpha channels to save and load selections. - Create and manipulate multiple layers to composite images easily. - Apply blending and shading effects to create realistic composites. - Identify the image mode characteristics, channels and bit depth; identify attributes that distinguish grayscale mode from bitmap mode; and identify attributes that distinguish each color mode. - Select colors using the Color palette, Color Picker, and Eyedropper tool; use Photoshop painting tools to create artwork or to retouch photographs; and use the Clone Stamp tool to duplicate parts of an image. - Add and format text within an image; apply layer effects and filters to create special effects including lighting effects and textures; and merge layers. - Modify the brightness, contrast, color balance, hue, and saturation of images. - Save images in file formats for use with other applications and the Web.

Lesson 1: Exploring Photoshop Environment
Differentiate Raster and Vector Graphics
Explore the Photoshop Environment
Customize the Photoshop Environment
Work with Navigation Tools
Customize Menus
Explore Adobe Bridge
Apply Metadata and Keywords
Lesson 2: Sizing Images
Determine Display and Print Resolution
Crop an Image
Lesson 3: Selecting Image Areas
Select Image Areas with the Marquee Tools
Select Image Areas with the Lasso Tools
Save Selections
Select Image Areas with the Magic Wand Tool
Select Image Areas with the Magnetic Lasso Tool
Modify Selections
Lesson 4: Creating Image Composites
Make Floating Versus Fixed Selections
Undo Previous Steps
Create Layers
Create Smart Objects
Transform Layers
Copy Layers Between Images
Save Images in Photoshop Format
Work with Multiple Layers
Arrange Layers
Lesson 5: Blending Composite Images
Defringe Images
Simulate Transparency with Opacity and Blending Modes
Feather Edges
Lesson 6: Exploring Image Modes
Examine Mode Characteristics
Explore Grayscale and Bitmap Modes
Explore Color Modes
Lesson 7: Applying Colors
Select Colors
Work with Painting Tools
Clone Image Areas with the Clone Stamp Tool
Lesson 8: Enhancing Images with Text and Special Effects
Create Type Layers
Apply Layer Effects
Work with Filters
Merge and Flatten Layers

Lesson 9: Adjusting Images
Create Levels Adjustment Layers
Enhance Images Using Toning Tools
Change the Hue/Saturation of Images
Lesson 10: Saving Completed Images
Save Images as PDF
Save Images for Use in Print Applications
Save Images for the Web


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