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InDesign CS - Level 1 Creating Basic Publications On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

In this course students will learn the basics of creating documents with InDesign

Course Description/Agenda

Instructor-led Classroom Learning - 1.00 Day(s)
Online Anytime - Self Paced
Mentored Learning - Flexible

In this course students will learn the basics of creating documents with InDesign.

At Course Completion:
- Identify and use InDesign® environment elements; and navigate through an InDesign® document. - Create and modify text and graphic frames; and import text and images from other applications. - Use master pages and guides to design a document's layout and to add automatic page numbering; and apply masters to document pages. - Import text; thread text throughout a document; reflow text threads; and change the number of columns. - Define colors and swatches and apply them to fills and strokes of frames. - Apply character formatting; apply paragraph formatting; create styles to streamline formatting; and set text inset spacing. - Place and manipulate graphics; control text wrap around graphics; and create and manage layers. - Apply transparency effects to native objects and placed images and graphics; and work with Transparency Flattener settings. - Create sophisticated tables. - Prepare documents for handoff to commercial printers. - Create Acrobat PDF files for the Web and for print.

Lesson 1: InDesign Environment
InDesign Environment Elements
Document Navigation

Lesson 2: Basic Documents
Document Setup
Creating Text
Working with Graphics

Lesson 3: Master Pages
Creating Masters
Applying Masters

Lesson 4: Importing and Threading Text
Importing Text
Threading Text
Changing Text Threads

Lesson 5: Colors, Swatches, and Gradients
Colors and Swatches
Applying Fills and Strokes to Frames and Type

Lesson 6: Formatting Type
Character Formatting
Paragraph Formatting
Text Inset Spacing

Lesson 7: Graphics and Layout
Placing and Manipulating Graphics
Text Wrap

Lesson 8: Transparency
Applying Transparency
Transparency Effects and Blending Modes
Printing with Transparency

Lesson 9: Using Tables
Creating Tables
Formatting Tables

Lesson 10: Preparing for Handoff to a Service Provider
Commercial Printing Overview
Packaging Files

Lesson 11: Creating Acrobat PDF Files
PDF Files for the Web
PDF Presets
PDF Files for Printing


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