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The Essentials of Supervising Front-Line & Entry-Level Employees On-Site Training

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Get solutions for overcoming your toughest employee challenges including low morale, absenteeism, high turnover and more!

Course Description/Agenda

Get real-world solutions for dealing with hot issues like high turnover and motivation at this workshop!

Let’s face it, no other manager in your company faces the same challenges that you do as the leader of front-line or entry-level employees. In fact, your problems are ten times harder to handle than those of most supervisors. Between heavy job competition and low pay, you’re CONSTANTLY dealing with turnover … low morale … and declining productivity. And that’s just the beginning.

As the person in charge, it’s up to you to make your employees and your company successful. It takes a unique person with a special set of skills to handle the responsibilities front-line and entry-level supervisors face. This is the only event guaranteed to give you specific solutions, ideas, and tips for supervising front-line and entry-level employees.

Get the skills you need to boost productivity and super-charge morale!
When you attend, you’ll get tons of ideas for boosting productivity in a repetitive work environment. You’ll get the top ten low-cost, no-cost ideas for igniting morale (even when a pay raise isn’t possible!). Plus, you’ll gain an “action plan” for coaching, counseling, and disciplining difficult employees that protects you and your company legally, while giving your employees a chance to turn their performances around. And that’s just the beginning!

Find solutions to your toughest challenges here!
This powerful training event is full of real-world solutions from a trainer with in-the-trenches experience. You won’t learn a bunch of textbook theory here – only real solutions you can use immediately for fast, effective results. Get all your questions answered by a world-class trainer who has walked miles in your shoes!

Plus, as an added bonus, this training gives you the opportunity to share your problems with others facing the same challenges – and learn what works for them! You’ll leave energized and inspired – ready to confidently face the challenges that lie ahead.

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity for supervisors just like you! Enroll today!
The problem with other management programs is that they quickly gloss over the challenges you face every day as a front-line manager. Not this workshop! This unique workshop covers the challenges YOU face every day! You won’t find a more complete training event anywhere that speaks to your issues – guaranteed!

What You'll Learn:

  1. Dramatically reduce turnover with proven retention strategies and techniques.
  2. Boost motivation and inspire loyalty with ideas that won’t interfere with work – and some won’t cost you a cent!
  3. Dramatically improve on-the-job performance with coaching tips guaranteed to get results from your team.
  4. Get invaluable communication tips that will eliminate misunderstandings.
  5. Learn how to legally terminate employees who simply refuse to shape up.
  6. Gain discipline strategies that turn negatives into positives and improve poor performance, bad behavior, and rotten attitudes.
  7. Tips on working with multiple generations: keys to making them click!
  8. Spend less time training and get your employees to take charge and work better independently!
  9. Reduce your stress when dealing with poor performers using legally sound, but powerfully productive, coaching tips.
  10. Avoid the headaches and hassles of hiring when you learn the secrets of recruiting and interviewing top entry-level and front-line employees!

Workshop Agenda:

Top Supervision Skills You Can’t Live Without

  • 3 essential ingredients of supervising front-line or entry-level employees
  • How to react to problems positively – not negatively
  • Simple but effective steps you can take to help employees manage their time better
  • Developing critical management skills unique to being a front-line supervisor
  • Free up more of your valuable time by learning how to effectively delegate work to others
  • Seize control of your time by incorporating this one simple habit that many front-line managers and supervisors don’t

Essential Communication Skills For The Front-line Manager

  • How to communicate better with your employees so there is never a misunderstanding
  • Persuading uncommunicative employees to listen, learn, and open up to you
  • Body Language 101: Make sure you’re not sending out mixed messages and confusing your employees
  • How to break down the barriers that block communication in a heavy-turnover work environment
  • Communicating your expectations to employees for superior results

Handling Problem Employees and Resolving Conflict Quickly

  • Master the 5 Universal Steps for solving conflict, tardiness, complaints, negativity, and other common problems of front-line and entry-level work
  • Getting upper management to back you up when you need it
  • Solving problems quickly and convincingly in a fast-paced, overworked atmosphere
  • Step-by-step disciplinary plans that can turn around unacceptable performance and save your employee
  • Knowing when, where, and how to terminate a “lost” employee
  • How to hold disgruntled employees accountable for their share of the workload

Setting Goals For Employees Who May Be Here One Minute And Gone The Next

  • Establishing long- and short-term goals in an atmosphere of constant turnover
  • How to encourage employees to set – and reach – goals
  • Applying personal strengths to your goals
  • How to develop “ownership” in the workplace to hit productivity targets

Easy Strategies for Boosting Motivation and Morale

  • Understand the basic things that motivate all people – especially the ones on the front lines or at entry-level
  • The 3 basic de-motivators that will send your employees flying out the door
  • Top 10 low-cost and no-cost ideas for motivating your team when paying them more money is NOT an option
  • How to keep your team excited and productive when work loads become crushing or repetitive
  • Turning around negative attitudes and making team players out of them
  • How to ensure all of your employees know they’re doing well
  • How to identify potential burnout i


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