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Coding Cascading Style Sheets Fundamentals On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

Lay out Web pages without using tables.

Course Description/Agenda

Learn how Cascading Style Sheets work. CSS will help you create external style sheets for consistency of pages and easier maintenance of your site. You can create great layouts without the use of tables. Understanding CSS is important when using Dreamweaver because the program relies heavily on CSS coding for both layout and text formatting.

GoalsLay out Web pages without using tables.

AudienceYou'll learn with others new to CSS as well as with some who have worked with CSS a bit in Dreamweaver and want a fuller understanding of the code.

PreRequisitesBasic knowledge of HTML, typing skills, and the ability to copy and move text by cutting and pasting. You'll use a text editor, Adobe HomeSite, not Dreamweaver to create the CSS code; Dreamweaver experience is not necessary.

Next StepsIf there's sufficient interest, Connect Learning will add an intermediate CSS class.
Dreamweaver CS3 Fundamentals
Dreamweaver CS3 Advanced
Advanced CSS with Khaled Hadi (more details soon)


Unit 1 - Cascading Style Sheets

  • CSS essentials
  • Embedded style sheets
  • Linking a style sheet
Unit 2 - Setting Typography
  • Altering line height
  • Font style and weight
  • Sizing fonts
  • Using font families
  • Font shorthand
  • Justifying text
  • Vertically aligning text
  • Transforming text
Unit 3 - Selectors
  • Class selector essentials
  • ID selector essentials
Unit 4 - Adding colors and backgrounds
  • Coloring text
  • Defining color in CSS
  • Coloring backgrounds
  • Applying background images
  • Manipulating the direction of background images
  • Positioning backgrounds
  • Background shorthand
Unit 5 - Box Properties and Using Margins & borders
  • Box Properties
  • Adding borders
  • Padding
  • Margin essentials
Unit 6 – Positioning
  • Absolute Positioning
  • Z-index
  • Use of the "div" tag for layout and positioning
  • Relative Positioning
Unit 7 – Links
  • Text decoration
  • Setting link colors using CSS
Unit 8 – Tables and Forms
  • Setting styles for customizing tables
  • Setting styles for customizing form elements


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