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Managing Stress On-Site Training

This workshop provides you with a map and means for making stress a productive part of living, instead of an unhealthy way of life

Course Description/Agenda

Length: 1 or 2 days
Number of Participants:
Up to 20
Materials: Notebooks and handouts provided

Unhealthy stress is epidemic on and off the job, fueling lateness and absenteeism, reducing output, and driving up healthcare costs and disability claims. The Managing Stress workshop provides you with a map and means for making stress a productive part of living, instead of an unhealthy way of life.  The Managing Stress workshop teaches you stress management tools for immediate use at the office and at home, team-building opportunities, burnout avoidance strategies and a chance to laugh and relax, Seminar participants identify stress sources and symptoms, learn and practice a variety of stress prevention and reduction techniques, and leave with a plan for ongoing stress control to enhance their health and the overall productivity of their organization.  Time permitting; attendees can receive one-to-one stress management coaching from the trainer.


Seminar Introduction

  • Participant and trainer introductions
  • Seminar goals
  • Seminar outline and schedule
  • Training environment and procedures

Stress Identification 

  • Stress monitors for all participants
  • Stress 101: brief definition of stress and why it affects health and productivity
  • Sources and symptoms of stress
  • Building awareness of stressor and symptom onset
  • Foundations of stress reduction including aerobic activity, adequate sleep and healthy emotional outlets

Stress Prevention and Reduction Techniques 

(Selection and number of techniques presented depends on client preferences and length of seminar)   

  • Quick Calm breathing for increased concentration, anger management, panic avoidance and rapid relaxation after sudden stressors
  • Time Management for sharper organizing and prioritizing, realistic scheduling, meeting and surviving deadlines, energy preservation, and reducing burnout
  • Effective Communication for more efficient individual and group problem solving, smoother work flow, skilled networking, and conflict resolution
  • E-Stress Management for more organized use and optimization of computers, e-mail and the Web
  • Re-Thinking & Re-Acting for enhanced decision-making and creativity, team building, and reducing or preventing stress from reliable and unpredictable events
  • Muscular Relaxation to prevent muscle tension and headaches, reduce repetitive motion injuries, and produce deep states of relaxation
  • Imagery for more effective presentations, increased creativity, relaxation breaks, and falling asleep faster
  • Meditation to increase energy, reduce required amount of sleep, sharpen concentration, decrease recovery time from stressful events, and lessen stress reactions to common stressors

Ongoing Stress Management 

  • Strategies for long-term stress reduction at work
  • Individual and group stress management plans

Seminar Conclusion

  • Seminar highlights

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