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Building Collaborative Partnerships: Working as a Team of Two On-Site Training

This three-day course is designed to develop leader-managers and their business associates (secretaries and administrative assistants) into collaborative partners.

Course Description/Agenda

Length: 3 days
Number of Participants: Up to 20
Materials: Notebooks and handouts provided

This three-day course is designed to develop leader-managers and their business associates (secretaries and administrative assistants) into collaborative partners. The current workplace requires the epitome of teamwork in creative and strategic thinking, focused interventions (before challenges exacerbate into problems), and the development of skills to manage and coordinate most effectively. This course refocuses participants through emotional intelligence to think creatively and strategically, to solve challenges, manage multiple tasks, and support each other in an environment of change. Prior to attendance at this course, participants must complete instrumentation, which helps them diagnose their skills and readiness for outstanding performance in a complex workplace.

Introduction of the Challenge:

The Course Objective: To develop competencies that result in outstanding performance at work

1. Assessment: Where Are We Now? Where Are We Headed?

   - Feedback From The Instruments: The Issues As We See Them
   - Four Models of the American Workplace: Cultural Iceberg,    
   - Volcano Theory, Web of Inclusion, the Customer-Driven
   - The Workplace of The Future: What Will It Look Like?
   - Defining Specific Terms: Vision, Mission, The Actual,
     Technical Knowledge, and Emotional Intelligence
   - Ways to Do Business: Independent, Interdependent, Hierarchical

2. What Employers Want in The New Workplace -- Personal Competence

   - New Yardsticks: self-awareness, motivation, self-regulation,  
     empathy, adeptness in relationships

The Skills We'll Need: An Overview

  • Listening and oral combination
  • Adaptability and creative responses to setbacks and obstacles
  • Personal management, confidence, motivation to work 
    toward goals
  • Career development and pride in accomplishments
  • Group and interpersonal effectiveness, cooperativeness, and teamwork
  • Skill at negotiating disagreements
  • Effectiveness in the organization, making contributions, leadership potential

A. Personal Competence: How We Manage Ourselves

Self-Awareness: Knowing Preferences, Resources, Intuitions, Internal States: The Keirsey Sorter
Knowing Our Colleagues: An Exchange About Beliefs and Values

B. Self Regulation: Managing Internal States, Impulses, and Resources

   - Self-Control: Keeping disruptive emotions and impulses in check
   - Trust: Standards of honesty and integrity
   - Conscientiousness: Taking responsibility for personal 
   - Adaptability: Flexibility in handling change
   - Innovation: Being comfortable with novel ideas, approaches, and 
     new information
   - How we Manage All of The Above

C. Motivation: Facilitating Goals and Objectives

   - Achievement Drive: Striving to improve or meet a standard of 
     excellence through clarity
   - Commitment: Aligning with the goals of the organization and our 
     team -- how do we achieve this?
   - Initiative: How to create readiness to act on opportunities
   - Optimism: How to support persistence in pursuing goals despite 
     obstacles and setbacks

D. Empathic Response: Awareness of Others' Feelings, Needs and Concerns

   - Understanding Others: Thinking/Feeling Perspectives: How to 
     Ask The Rich Questions
   - Developing Others: Determining Others' Development Needs, 
     Bolstering Their Abilities
   - Service Orientation: Anticipating, Recognizing, and Meeting 
     Customers' Needs
   - Leveraging Diversity: How to Cultivate Opportunities Through 
   - Political Awareness: Reading a Group's Emotional Currents and 
     Power Relationships

3. What Employers Want in The New Workplace -- Social Skills

The New Yardstick: Adeptness at Inducing Desirable Responses in Others
   - Influence: Wielding Effective Tactics for Persuasion
   - Communication: Listening Openly and Sending Convincing 
   - Conflict Management: Negotiating and Resolving 
   - Change Catalyzing: Initiating and Managing Change
   - Building Bonds: Nurturing Instrumental Relationships
   - Collaboration and Cooperation: Working With Others Toward 
     Shared Goals
   - Team Capabilities: Creating Group Synergy in Pursuing 
     Collective Goals

4. A Collaborative Action Plan For The Future

   - Discussion and Strategizing About Next Steps: What 
     Understandings Do We Need?  

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