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Secrets of Sales Succes

Course Description/Agenda

Length: 1 day
Number of Participants:
Up to 20
Materials: Notebooks and handouts provided

As a salesperson you are in the business of identifying customer needs.  You are a “problem detective”.  In a way, your product or service is a key.  You make calls looking for locks that your key will open.  In the prospecting phase, you insert the key and find that it fits.  In the presenting phase, you twist the key and open the lock.  In the closing phase, you turn the handle and push the door open. 

Who Should Attend

Anyone new to the field of sales or those looking to enhance their selling skills.

Module 1:  Understanding Customer Needs

  • Identifying Customer Needs:  Be a Problem Detective          
  • My Frequently Asked Questions          

  • Four Stages of a Call  

  • Providing Solutions for Needs
  • Implicit/Explicit Need Exercise

Module 2:  Investigating 

  • Situation and Problem Questions
  • Situation/Problem Question Exercises
  • Situation & Problem Questions Uncover Implied Needs
  • Preparation Exercise 1
  • Problem Question Worksheet
  • Beyond Implied Needs
  • Demonstrating Capability Too Soon
  • Need Identification Practice
  • Question/Needs/Feedback Form
  • Implication Questions Develop Implied Needs
  • Implication Questions
  • Preparation Exercise 2
  • Implication Question Exercise
  • Problem Statements/Implication Questions Worksheet
  • Transcript A
  • Implication/Need-payoff Questions: What’s the difference?
  • Implication/Need-payoff Exercises
  • Need-payoff Questions
  • Need-payoff Worksheet
  • Need-payoff Practice
  • Question/Needs/Comment Form

Module 3: Demonstrating Capability & Obtaining Commitment 

  • Features, Advantages and Benefits
  • Features, Advantages and Benefits Exercise
  • Prerequisites for Obtaining Commitment
  • The Three Steps in Obtaining Commitment

Module 4:  Review 

  • Behavior Definitions
  • 10 Key Review Points


  • Role Play Scenarios
  •  Take Home Application
  • Open Ended Questions


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