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Fundamentals of Marketing On-Site Training

We will examine contemporary marketing concepts and techniques and look at their application within the client's company

Course Description/Agenda

Length: 3 days
Number of Participants:
Up to 20
Materials: Notebooks and handouts provided

The objective is to examine contemporary marketing concepts and techniques and look at their application within the client's company. We will emphasize practical aspects of marketing techniques.

Understanding the Basics of Marketing

  • Marketing’s role in the organizational performance
  • Key dimensions of marketing
  • Marketing mix basics and the 4 Ps
  • Using positioning to gain a competitive edge

Strategic Marketing Planning

  • Customer satisfaction and market-oriented strategic planning
  • Defining strategic goals and positioning
  • Basic positioning concepts; techniques for positioning
  • Building awareness of sustainable competitive advantage

Managing the Product’s Life Cycle

  • Stages of a product life cycle
  • How to extend the life cycle
  • Using relative market share analysis
  • Implementing business screen analysis


  • Understanding pricing forces and impact
  • The impact of a 1% price increase
  • Pricing over product life cycle: introduction, growth, mature and decline
  • Pricing options and pricing strategies

Marketing Channels and Distribution

  • Developing marketing channels
  • Options in marketing products and services
  • Managing marketing channels

Market Segmentation

  • Reasons for segmentation
  • Methods of segmentation
  • Segmentation, targeting, and positioning
  • Analyzing consumer/business markets and buying behavior

Marketing Research

  • Marketing research definitions
  • Steps in effective research design
  • Secondary sources and analysis


  • The purpose and elements of promotion
  • Promotion process and communication
  • The promotional mix
  • Promotional campaigns

New Products

  • Stages of product development
  • Sourcing new ideas and evaluating the risk
  • Launching a new product

Marketing Strategies

  • Strategic marketing planning
  • Differentiating and positioning
  • Developing new products
  • Life-cycle strategies for market leaders, challengers, followers and nichers
  • Marketing warfare: defensive, offensive, flanker, guerilla, and disruptive

Marketing Communications

  • Marketing communications strategies
  • Strategy development
  • Tactical execution
  • Communication plan - format and preparation


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