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Rapid Application Development: Delivering Systems Using RAD and Adaptive Development On-Site Training

This seminar moves beyond basic RAD approaches and introduces some of the latest and best practices in systems development today

Course Description/Agenda

Length: 2 days
Number of Participants:
Up to 20
Materials: Notebooks and handouts provided

About This Seminar

 Rapid Application Development (RAD) is becoming the most prevalent 
 method of systems development, and RAD has evolved dramatically in recent
 years. This seminar moves beyond basic RAD approaches and introduces   
 some of the latest and best practices in systems development today.

 What's Happening

 Today's applications require short development cycles and interaction with 
 customers throughout. Requirements-gathering is ongoing and reflects the 
 realities of constant changes in technology and market demands. RAD was 
 just the tip of the iceberg. Today, Adaptive Development, Extreme 
 Programming (XP), Refactoring and other RADical departures from traditional 
 waterfall methodologies are essential to the success of software 
 development. Change is not only inevitable but desirable as well, and this 
 seminar is designed to help you leverage change to produce high-quality 
 systems that are customer and market driven.

 What Makes This Seminar Unique

 This seminars centers around the essential methods, and skills required to 
 achieve successful implementation of software products designed to meet 
 the ever-evolving requirements of customers in today's volatile technology 
 and market environments. Rapid application development today looks very 
 different from the early days of client server. Through exercises, case 
 studies, and an off-line mini-lab simulation, participants will be able to 
 experience the "do's, don'ts, and gotcha's" of working in the RAD 
 development. In addition participants will learn the latest and best current 
 thinking about RAD and other adaptive development processes.

  What You Will Learn

  • Understand and apply an adaptive development lifecycle
  • Develop products that are more customer driven.
  • Respond effectively to change using adaptive, evolutionary processes
  • Understand, plan, and apply a timeboxed project management approach
  • Build effective development teams
  • Select tools and techniques to enhance your team's productivity the quality of your solutions

 Who Should Attend

  • System planners, developers, and business analysts seeking better ways of delivering quality systems to meet the needs of their customers.
  • Web developers
  • Executive sponsors, key business clients and subject matter experts involved in the specification of quality systems
  • Quality assurance specialists
  • Testing coordinators

 Seminar Outline

 Unit 1 - RAD Overview

  • Why RAD?
  • The Decade of the 90's
  • RAD Environments
  • Goals of Rapid Application Development

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On-Site Training On-Site Training

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