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Joint Application Development: Using JAD to Create Quality Systems On-Site Training

This two-day seminar will help you achieve the benefits and manage the risks of JAD, and will help you build a plan for successfully managing a JAD project.

Course Description/Agenda

Length: 2 days
Number of Participants:
Up to 20
Materials: Notebooks and handouts provided

About This Seminar

If you have a project that needs to be done in the shortest possible amount of time, JAD (Joint Application Development) is a technique that will allow you to bring high quality systems up quickly. There are however, dangers with approaching development in this way, and the use of JAD must be carefully thought out. This two-day seminar will help you achieve the benefits and manage the risks of JAD, and will help you build a plan for successfully managing a JAD project.

What's Happening

JAD has a long-standing track record for achieving high-quality systems. Originally invented to enhance the development of large mainframe systems, JAD techniques have now become an integral part of Rapid Application Development, web development, and other product delivery processes. Its proven success is based on the obvious advantage of having key stakeholders communicate directly at crucial phases of a project. JAD facilitation techniques help maximize the benefits of direct communication and minimize the amount of time required.

What Makes This Seminar Unique

In order to implement JAD projects successfully, you must not only be aware of the leverage of the method, but also the pitfalls. Working in small groups, you will participate in a number of exercises designed to allow you to experience both. Besides learning tried and true methods for using JAD in the traditional systems development arena, you will learn where JAD can be used to enhance and expedite shorter, mission-critical projects within your organization. This pragmatic workshop will provide you with the background required for successful implementation of JAD within your organization.

What You Will Learn

After attending this session, the participants will be able to:

  • Determine how JAD fits into the Life Cycle.
  • Document the scope of a JAD effort.
  • Participate in a JAD session.
  • Plan, schedule, and hold a JAD session.
  • List the dangers and benefits of teams.
  • Explain the importance of conflict during JAD.
  • Apply project management techniques to a JAD project.

Who Should Attend

  • System planners, developers, and business analysts seeking better ways of delivering quality systems to meet the needs of their customers
  • Those seeking to select the best system for JAD.
  • JAD facilitators wishing to identify new JAD techniques and improve JAD facilitation skills
    to maximize time and cost savings.
  • Anyone responsible for managing the people challenges of JAD sessions.
  • Executive sponsors, key business clients and subject matter experts who wish to become more effective participants in JAD sessions

Seminar Outline

Unit 1 Introduction to JAD

  • What is JAD?
  • Why is JAD?
  • How is JAD Different?
  • JAD Techniques
  • Good JAD Candidates
  • Success with JAD

More Seminar Information

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On-Site Training On-Site Training

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