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Advanced Project Management On-Site Training

With this hands-on course, you’ll pique your knowledge with an advanced level of professionalism

Course Description/Agenda

Length: 3 days
Number of Participants:
Up to 20
Materials: Notebooks and handouts provided

This 3-day course will lift your career to the next level.  With this hands-on course, you’ll pique your knowledge with an advanced level of professionalism. Advanced Project Management goes beyond the basics of project management and into the skills needed to keep your career progressing and you ahead of your industry.

Who Should Attend (Attendees in this course must be past participants of our Introduction to Project Management Skills seminar)

  • Experienced Project Leaders, Program Managers, Product Managers and Executives from every industry, organization or government institution.

  • Every Manager who is experienced in the ever changing role of the project and who wants to hone their professional skills.

 What will you cover

  • Bringing organization to a project

  • Planning a project and developing baselines

  • Allocating resources across several projects

  • Monitoring milestones and the earned value concept

  • Creating Status reports and briefing all levels of management

  • Project management support: Automated and administrative

1. Review of Project Management essentials

  • Asses your knowledge of project management
  • Essential management skills of Project management
  • Problems and issues of project management

2. Characteristics of Successful Project Management

  • Responsibilities of a Project Manager
  • Leadership skills
  • Skill requirements
  • Personality and behavior
  • Team Empowerment
  • Balance and attitude

3. Human Factors Involved in Project Management

  • Responsibility, authority and accountability
  • Project management without using authority
  • Organization and team building
  • Performance appraisals of Project Managers and project team

4. Efficient Project Management Organization

  • Project management and its role in an organization
  • Developing a project organization
  • An eternal conflict: functional vs. project
  • Conflict resolution and evaluation
  • Risk management

5. Defining a Project

  • Defining the scope of a project
  • The role of the client in project management
  • Milestones in Project Performance
  • Risk and contingency planning
  • Legal and political issues

6. Planning a Project I: Determining a Task Baseline

  • The role of a well developed Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Approaches to estimating and developing WBS components
  • Scheduling logic: Tradition vs. Innovation
  • Planning task assignment
  • Exercise: Task assignment


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