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Interpersonal Skills of Effective Negotiators On-Site Training

This seminar, which can be taught as a "stand-alone," has been designed as the "next-step" for those taking our Basic Negotiations Skills seminar.

Course Description/Agenda

Length: 3 days
Number of Participants: Up to 20
Materials: Notebooks and handouts provided

This seminar, which can be taught as a "stand-alone," has been designed as the "next-step" for those taking our Basic Negotiations Skills seminar.

Module 1: Overview

  • Why a Negotiator’s Interpersonal Skills are Crucial to the Success of On-going Negotiations.
  • Balancing the Issues with the Relationship Factors in Negotiating
  • Identifying The Three Skill Sets that Dominate through all Negotiation Stages
    1. Rapport Building
    2. Communicating Compellingly
    3. Inner Skills 
    4. Benefits of Developing Your Interpersonal Skills for Effective Negotiations          

Module 2: Rapport Building

  • Active Listening Skills
    • Capturing the Essence
    • Paraphrasing Content
    • Reflecting Emotions
    • Body Language
  • Understanding Different People Styles
    • Understanding Your Own Style
    • Recognizing a Different Communication Style in Another
    • Flexing Your Behavior to Accommodate the Other Person’s Style
  • Matching Behavior
    •  Body, Facial, Vocal
  • Acknowledgement and Validation Skills

Module 3: Communicating Compellingly

  • Managing Your Voice in Negotiation
    • Speed, Pitch, Volume, and Intonation
  • Use of Silences and Pauses
    • When and How Long to Pause
    • When to Stop Talking
  • Language Skills
    • Using Neutral Language
    • How to Use Words and Phrases to Move the Other Party Toward You
    • Reframing
  • Questioning Skills
    • Asking Questions:

Module 4: Inner Skills

  • Tolerating Discomfort
  • Developing Patience
  • Dealing with Pressure
  • Learning How and When to Ignore Behavior
  • Taking Risks – Knowing When and How Much
  • Developing Creativity
  • Increasing Analytical Skills

Module 5: Pulling it All Together

  • Case Study


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