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The Art of Negotiations Skills On-Site Training

In this three-day seminar you will learn the skills necessary to deal with the tactics of negotiations.

Course Description/Agenda

Length: 3 days
Number of Participants: Up to 20
Materials: Notebooks and handouts provided

Do you need a clear understanding of the real purpose of the negotiation process? In this three-day seminar you will learn the skills necessary to deal with the tactics of negotiation.

Module 1: Introduction to Basic Negotiations Skills


  • The Precursor to Negotiation – Getting the Other Party’s Attention.
  • What Can You Negotiate About and Who Can You Negotiate With?
  • Understanding the Win-Win or Problem-Solving Approach to Negotiation.
  • The Two Elements in Any Negotiation
  • Negotiations Strategies - Hard, Soft, Problem-Solving.
  • When NOT to Use a Problem-Solving Approach
  • Reaching Agreement is Not the Only Goal
  • Planning Your Negotiation – Putting It All Together

Module 2: Understanding Basic Negotiation Concepts

  • Interests/Needs
    • Organizational Needs
    • Individual Negotiator Needs
  • Positions
  • Issues
  • Constituencies
  • Alternate Currencies
  • A Compromise
  • WAWAs

Module 3: Three Phases and Five Stages in Negotiation

  • Phase 1: Before the Negotiation
  • Phase 2: During the Negotiation
    • Setting the Tone
    • Exploring Underlying Needs
    • Developing Creative Alternatives
    • Selecting, Refining, and Crafting an Agreement
    • Reviewing and Recapping the Agreement
  • Phase 3: After the Negotiation

Module 4: Four Basic Principles in Problem-Solving Negotiations: 
                The Fisher/Ury Model

  • Principle 1: Separate the Person from the Problem
  • Principle 2: Focus on Interests and Needs - Not Positions
  • Principle 3: Invent Options For Mutual Gain
  • Principle 4: Insist on Objective Criteria

Module 5: Meeting Special Challenges

  • Four Common Tactics
  • Overcoming Deadlock

Module 7: Follow Up - The Forgotten Element in Negotiations

  • Holding the Agreements in Place

Module 8: Applying the Model to Your Own Negotiation


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