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The Dynamics of Outstanding Management On-Site Training

learn communication styles, situational leadership, action planning, lots more

Course Description/Agenda

Length: 1 Day
Number of Participants: Up to 20
Materials: Notebooks and handouts provided

Management Fundamentals
  • Identify the qualities of effective management
  • Learn the difference between leading and managing and why both are important
  • Understand the functions of management
    • Preparation
    • Development
    • Personnel
    • Leadership
    • Evaluation
  • Learn how to manage effectively in a changing environment
  • Explore the relationship of dignity, credibility, and trust in motivating "voluntary" effort from employees
Managing People

Use the Leader Behavior Analysis II, an assessment tool:

  • To learn the four styles of leadership
    • Directing
    • Coaching
    • Supporting
    • Delegating
  • To increase flexibility in using each style appropriately
  • To diagnose follower development levels by analyzing follower competence and commitment
  • To understand the short and long-term effects of "over-supervision" and "under-supervision" on follower performance and morale
  • To use the skills of Action-Results Dialogue to monitor performance and give feedback
  • Learn that actions speak louder than words and the impact of nonverbal, attending behaviors
  • Understand the difference between active listening and passive hearing
  • Learn the importance of asking the right question at the right time
Action Planning
  • To set goals for implementation of the strategies and concepts of the workshop for improved managerial and leadership effectiveness


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