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Problem Solving and Decision Making On-Site Training

A two-day seminar designed to increase an individual’s ability to analyze the situation, create new options, learn surefire approaches to decision-making and develop self-confidence.

Course Description/Agenda

Length: 3 days
Number of Participants: Up to 20
Materials: Notebooks and handouts provided

Problem Solving and Decision Making is a two-day seminar designed to increase an individual’s ability to:

ü     Analyze the situation, process the available information and turn the data into an action plan

ü     Create new options or directions when not a subject expert or when run out of ideas

ü     Learn a surefire approach to decision making that overcomes analysis paralysis, lets you explain to others why the current path was selected and gets decision implemented

ü     Develop self confidence

What you will cover:

An Evolving World – Thinking and Acting to Help Create the Evolution

  • Holistic Thinking in a Rapidly Changing, Team Based World
  • A Basic Model of Decision Making that Focuses Your Thoughts and Allows You To Explain Exactly What You Are Doing and Why
  •  A Dynamic Model of Problem Solving and Decision Making

How Our Mind Works and How We Can Improve the Way We use It

  • A Driver’s Manual for Your Brain: How to Create Your Own Model of Excellence

Understanding Reality

  • What’s the Real Purpose?
  • Whose Problem Is It?
  • What Relationships Define the Root Cause?
  • What’s My Plan?

Creating and Selecting the Optimum Solution

  • Creating Something Out of Nothing
  • Qualifying Our Solutions
  • Tracking Complex Selection Processes


  • Measure Success So You Can Succeed
  • Getting Exponential Growth From Examining Prior Experiences


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