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The Power of Emotional Quotient in the Workplace On-Site Training

This seminar is designed to provide the participants with extensive individualized feedback and attention

Course Description/Agenda

Length: 3 days
Number of Participants: Up to 20
Materials: Notebooks and handouts provided

Seminar Overview  

A large part of our success in life is based on our EQ, our emotional quotient. How we manage our emotions and the way we relate to others determines how successful and satisfied we are at work, home, and with friends. Our EQ is the ability to make and deepen connections at three levels: with ourselves (personal mastery), with another person (one-to-one), and within groups/teams. In this seminar session we:

  • explore the EQ model and

  • identify the principles and skills necessary for personal insights and understanding in the work place.

  • answer the questions: what is EQ, why is it beneficial, and how can I enhance my current EQ knowledge and skills at the office to ensure career success and better working relationships.

  • assess your EQ, identify difficult work situations, and apply the principles of EQ to the work place.

This seminar is designed to provide the participants with extensive individualized feedback and attention. The seminar is important because it enables participants to learn how to avoid the high costs of low EQ.

How We Will Learn Together

You are invited to join in a conversation about the emotional quotient. The purpose is to deepen our mutual understanding of making better connections with people based on our knowledge and experiences. With me as the facilitator of learning and you as participants, we share joint responsibility to create an atmosphere of learning. Since we will be in an atmosphere of learning, all of your comments are welcome. In this seminar, we will learn from each other using case studies, exercises, videos, and group work with heavy emphasis on experiential learning activities.

In order to directly apply the knowledge and skills acquired during the seminar, you are encouraged to use problems and issues from your own work environment and complete action plans for yourself. These plans can be discussed with your manager for follow-up and support in the implementation of the knowledge and skills learned in the seminar to better assure transfer of learning to the workplace.


Components of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

 Basic Principles

  • Connecting - Connections

  • Quality of Connections

  • Resistance to Connections - Engaged or Not Engaged

  • The Best Connections

  • What is My Intent

  • Emotions Out of Control

Module I. Personal Mastery - Know Thyself

  • Principle #1: Self-Knowledge

  • Principle #2: Self-Management

  • EQ Analysis

  • Insight Applied

  • Measuring EQ – Neurolinguistics – EQ Self-Assessment

Module II. One-to-One: EQ at the Individual Level

  • Measuring EQ – Neurolinguistics – EQ Self-Assessment

  • Making Connections - What is in a Message?

  • Listening vs. Hearing

  • What is a Message?

  • <


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