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Fundamentals of Finance, Accounting & Budgeting On-Site Training

Are you a non-financial professional who needs to understand the terminology of Finance and Accounting? Then this three-day seminar is for you.

Course Description/Agenda

Length: 3 days 
Number of Participants: Up to 20
Materials: Notebooks and handouts provided
Note: we will use your financial statements to develop custom content for 
this seminar. 

Fundamentals of Finance, Accounting, &Budgeting

Are you a non-financial professional who needs to understand the 
terminology of Finance and Accounting? Then this three-day seminar is 
exactly what you're looking for.

   This seminar is offered in an interactive, workshop environment. It is built 
 upon the accelerated learning model, utilizing a hands-on approach with a 
 collaborative learning environment. There is extensive use of case studies to 
 provide context for learning, emphasizing the use of financial tools, and 
 thereby providing knowledge and skills that can be immediately implemented 
 in the work place.

 Who Should Attend:

   The program is designed for non-financial executives and managers. No 
 previous finance/accounting background is assumed. Participants usually    
 include a blend of executives/managers from sales, marketing, production, 
 and administration.

 Module 1 -- The Balance Sheet:

  • Learn the language and structure of the balance sheet.

 Module 2 -- The Income Statement: 

  • Learn how to read the income statement.

 Module 3 -- Shareholder Equity & Cash Flow:

  • Learn how to examine the statement of shareholder equity and understand the cash flow statement.

 Module 4 -- Analyzing Financial Statements:

  • Learn how to evaluate the performance of a company by calculating financial ratios using information from company annual reports.

 Module 5 -- Tools for Profit Analysis: 

  • Learn how to use financial tools and models to plan for cost reduction and profit improvement.

 Module 6 -- Preparing the Annual Budget: 

  • Learn how to plan for and develop the annual financial plan.

 Module 7 -- Preparing the Capital Budget: 

  • Learn how to use the financial models for longer-term financial planning.


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