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Developing Executive Leadership On-Site Training

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This three-day seminar focuses on helping executives learn how to identify and manage the challenges they face

Course Description/Agenda

Length: 3 days 
Number of Participants: Up to 20
Materials: Notebooks and handouts provided

Developing Executive Leadership

1. Design Concept:

The role of the executive leader in business organizations has changed over the last ten years.  The pace of organizational change has increased to the level where executives are being held more accountable by boards of directors for their actions.  Executives face many challenges in today’s business environment.  Executives need to be savvy not only about strategic and financial issues of the business, but they also need to know and understand their leadership style and emotional quotient, ways to motivate direct reports and employees throughout the company, and how to manage organizational development to impact the culture of their organizations.  To this end, the participants will assess their leadership style and their emotional quotient, look at leader competencies, participate in a 360 degree feedback process and coaching process, and complete a post-course developmental assignment

This three-day seminar focuses on helping executives learn how to identify and manage the challenges they face.  Current research is cited in a way that the participants can immediately apply to their personal and professional lives.  In this highly interactive and fun seminar, the participants learn how to gain insight into their executive role and practice new knowledge and skills for their jobs.  The course structure and learning activities include:

1.   Course pre-work to be completed online via the internet Situational Leadership LEAD instrument and Executive Emotional Quotient on-line assessment,

2.   During the three-day course, the participants will complete the Situational Leader self-assessment instruments, view the Excellence Files video, participate in individual exercises, create an end of course developmental assignment to be completed before the second course session, small groups and large group activities; 

3.    After the completion of the course, the participants will complete the 360 degree feedback materials (within two weeks following the course), receive individual coaching by telephone the course leaders (to be completed within six weeks the end of the course), participate in a TELECLASS debrief process via telephone, and a final written report from the participants will be due back within six months after the completion of the course online. 

The role of the facilitator is to model the behaviors learned in this course, disclose personal examples from their work lives, and to use a high directing/high supportive leadership style with the participants based on the Situational Leadership Model.

Major content pieces:

Ø      Leadership Challenges - ways to motivate direct reports and employees throughout the company, how to manage organizational development to impact the culture of their organizations, recognizing when you as a leader are about to crash and burn, and assessing your Executive Emotional Quotient online.

Ø      Situational Leadership – assess my current leadership style, influencing the performance of others, assessing the criteria for performance, increasing productivity and solving performance problems, and leveraging performance.

Ø      Leader Portfolio – covering issues and hands-on techniques to: how to identify and match leadership style and follower readiness, examine the organizational culture issue of trust, how to participate in top management teams, how to organize for empowerment, how to move beyond teams to communities of practice, what to consider as executive in the coaching role, how to determine when you have reached the top of your personal learning curve and it is time to move through a renewal process, what to do with the three-way mirror feedback results from your 360 degree feedback process situational leadership profile, and Executive EQ assessment, how to work with your coach after the course, how to plan for your post-course developmental assignment, and how to get the most out of  your tele-course debrief session.

2.  Target Audience:

Executives at the senior level of the organization who are senior managers, vice-presidents, senior vice-presidents, executive vice-presidents, and presidents and CEOs.

3.  Course Structure 

Part 1:  The Workshop

               Day One: The Leadership Challenges

  • Open with Leadership vs. Management (from Situational Leadership)


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