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Process Improvement Skills On-Site Training

The goal of this interactive seminar series is improve company performance

Course Description/Agenda

Length: 2 days  
 Number of Participants: Up to 20
 Materials: Notebooks and handouts provided

The goal of this interactive seminar series is improve company performance. This seminar’s strategy is to reduce unnecessary costs by helping work teams build and practice an effective problem solving methodology.  This seminar can be customized to best suit your organization’s goals and culture.

Who Should Attend:

  • Improvement Team Leaders and their teams

  • Divisional Managers and their teams

  • Supervisors and their teams

  • Improvement Team facilitators

Seminar Outcomes:

  • Review process improvement fundamentals

  • Set expectations of team members for meeting process and results

  • Discuss and practice process improvement techniques

  • Select process improvement techniques that fit your organization

  • Practice with your organization’s improvement process

  • Review improvement team dynamics

  • Plan for implementation and ongoing support requirements


We will select from the following tools: Affinity Diagram, Assigned Process, Benchmarking, Brainstorming, Cause/Effect Diagram, Consensus Building, Cross Functional Process Map, Customer Research, Decision Matrix, Force Field Diagram, Gantt Chart, Improvement Process, Interrelationship Digraph, Meeting Process, Multivoting, P/R Measurements; Leading, Lagging Indicators, Pareto Diagram, Process Decision Program Chart, Process Flow Chart, Purpose, Vision, Goals, Strategies, & Plans, Relationship Diagram, Relationship Strategies, Scoreboard, Six Thinking Hats, Stage Theory - Stages of Team Growth, Storyboard, Systematic Diagram, Value Chain, Waste Search, Workflow Diagram

Seminar Outline

1.   Introduction: Seminar overview. goals, introductions, assumptions, ground rules. 

2.   Why Improve: Developing arguments for proactively improving processes company wide 

3.   Learning to See Problems and Opportunities: practice and discussion of the role of perception and assumptions in problem solving 

4.   Process Improvement Fundamentals: Process flowchart components and practice 

5.   Process Mapping: Flowcharting troublesome company processes  


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