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Personnel Law for Managers & Supervisors On-Site Training

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Everything you have to know to safely and legally manage your employees

Course Description/Agenda

Personnel Law isn’t just HR’s business – it’s YOUR business!

These days, unintentionally violating personnel law has never been riskier for managers and supervisors like you. But when you’re being sued by an employee, saying “I didn’t know” isn’t going to cut it with a jury or judge. Experts agree that not knowing employment law is one of the top reasons managers are being held personally liable in guilty verdicts across the land.

It’s a fact … honest, hard-working managers like you are spending more time in court these days – and losing – because they lacked basic personnel law knowledge. Don’t let this happen to you when it’s never been easier to avoid! Get the training and information you need to protect yourself – and your company – in any court, anytime, anywhere!

Your responsibilities demand attention to detail – especially when it comes to the law!
As a manager, each move you make has the potential to land you and your company in legal hot water. Can you say with 100% confidence that you absolutely know how to:

  • Handle employee privacy laws?
  • Legally document your actions so that they would hold up in court?
  • Control an employee who challenges you or threatens legal action?
  • Avoid being personally liable for unlawful work practices?
  • Comply with the confusing and complex world of ADA, EEOC, FMLA, protected classes and more?

Join your fellow managers at this dynamic one-day personnel law seminar designed for the everyday manager and supervisor. You’ll discover your important role in complying with critical employment laws and gain practical guidelines for legally managing your employees. This seminar is simply the best, most painless way to get the significant personnel law knowledge you need as a manager or supervisor today!

Get essential personnel law training that doesn’t require a law degree to understand!
Personnel law is tricky for most managers. Even though everything you say or do is defined by the law, you don’t exactly immerse yourself in the intricacies of ADA or FMLA on a daily basis. That’s why we’ve boiled down this vast subject into the most “need to know” bits and pieces. And we’ve done it in a simple, plain-English way, so you can leave your legal dictionary at home! You won’t need it.

When you’re done, you’ll know the most common areas of personnel law where managers often make mistakes … how to coach, counsel, or discipline employees in the most legally sound ways … and how to protect your company from damaging and costly lawsuits!

Don’t wait until it’s too late to get this information! Enroll today!
Don’t wait until you and your organization are knee-deep in legal hot water to get this information. After all, more employees than ever are suing their companies – and their bosses – and walking out of court with millions of dollars in their pockets. Enroll today and learn how to dramatically reduce your risk! Don’t wait!

What You'll Learn:

  • Avoiding being held personally liable for unlawful workplace practices
  • What to do when an employee challenges you … or even threatens legal action
  • Complying 100% with ADA, EEOC, FMLA, “protected groups” and more
  • Legally coaching, disciplining, and at worst, terminating employees
  • What the law says about employee privacy, your organization’s rights and theirs
  • Documentation that will keep you out of hot water

Workshop Agenda:

The Legal Approach to Managing Employees

  • The effect that federal employment laws have on every single managerial decision you make
  • 4 questions every manager must answer before dealing with any legal issue
  • When you can be sued personally for violating the law

Discrimination Issues Every Manager Must Know

  • Find out if you’re unintentionally discriminating against employees
  • When you have to honor the request of an employee based on religious beliefs
  • Sexual harassment: responding to employee complaints
  • How to avoid age discrimination charges or claims when managing older workers
  • ADA compliance: dealing with the legal ins and outs of supervising employees who have physical or mental disabilities
  • How to tell if you’re managing a protected group of employees – and what that means to you

Handling Compensation, Benefits, and Leave Issues

  • FMLA compliance: the categories that entitle employees to medical leave
  • Untangling the web of ADA, FMLA, and Workers’ Compensation
  • The legally safe way to confront an employee you suspect is abusing drugs, alcohol, or other substances
  • How to determine which of your workers are independent contractors
  • Understanding FLSA and exempt vs. non-exempt classifications
  • Avoiding wage and hour headaches: what you must know about overtime, “comp” time, minimum wage, and on-call time

Documentation and Recordkeeping Tips for Managers

  • Discover what every personnel file must contain to protect your organization
  • Guidelines for maintaining the privacy of personnel files so you can document actions without breaching privacy
  • Determining how long you must keep personnel records
  • How to legally dispose of personnel documents – including e-mail, electronic files, and paper files

The Legal Essentials of Coaching, Discipline, and Performance Reviews – That Still Get Results

  • How to deal with poor performance and misconduct using legally safe coaching, counseling, and performance improvement plans
  • Performance appraisal techniques every manager must know to eliminate legal liabilities and maximize employee performance
  • 10-point checklist for conducting a legally bulletproof performance review
  • Guidelines guaranteed to keep you out of court when enforcing personnel policies
  • The documentation you need when handling any disciplinary problem
  • Actions you can take during disciplinary proceedings that reduce your risk of legal retaliation
  • Language you must use – and must avoid – when talking to an employee about a performance issue

Privacy Issues: Dealing With the Hottest Employee Issue Today

  • How to handle the growing concerns of employee privacy
  • Conducting workplace searches – if and when you can
  • When you can monitor employee e-mail and telephone activity – and when you can’t
  • Can you control what your employees do after work hours? Learn how you can influence off-duty conduct
  • How to legally set dress-code standards that regulate personal appearance
  • What the EEOC says about testing employees – including alcohol and drug testing

Recruiting, Interviewing, and Hiring Within the Legal Limits of the Law

  • A comprehensive checklist of methods you can use to legally recruit the most highly qualified applicants
  • The questions you legally can and can’t ask during the interview process
  • Tips for keeping your interview focused and on track so you cover all the legal ground required
  • The basics of writing powerful, legally compliant job descriptions and employment advertisements to help you get the right people coming in
  • What you should do when an interview


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