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Cool Confident and Collected: Managing Conflict for Women On-Site Training

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The Professional Woman’s Guide to Working Through Disagreements Effectively

Course Description/Agenda

Cool, Confident & Collected Strategies for Resolving Conflict
is a crucial program for any professional woman. In just one day away from the office, you’ll master an easy, three-step method for resolving any type of disagreement, learn dozens of expert techniques for handling confrontation with confidence, and find out how to prevent conflict by using assertive communication skills and active listening.

What You'll Learn:

Turn conflict into communication – and make work a positive place
Like it or not, conflict in the workplace is inevitable, from personality clashes to people butting heads over different points of view. When resolved quickly with a positive approach, conflict can be an opportunity for growth and better understanding among those involved. But left unresolved, conflict can drain your productivity, waste your time, destroy important relationships, make your workday miserable, damage your health – and sabotage your career success.

Feel empowered with effective conflict resolution skills
You’ll discover how to diagnose disagreements to understand what’s really going on, get a step-by-step script to use for confronting others in a calm, professional manner, master techniques for getting your points across without getting angry or tongue-tied, and learn “what to say when” in tricky situations like disagreements with your boss. In addition, you’ll find out how to defuse an angry person, what to do if the exchange gets verbally abusive, and how to regain control if you feel tears or a blow-up threatening.

Gain a lifetime of peace with these powerful lessons
Bottom line: In just one day at this workshop, you’ll gain skills that will benefit you throughout your entire career – and throughout your life. Your ability to work through disagreements productively and handle confrontation professionally will put you head and shoulders above others and earn you the respect of everyone around you.

Workshop Agenda:

Understanding the Nature of Conflict and Disagreements

  • 10 common myths about conflict that sabotage you from the very start
  • Why does conflict occur?
  • Understanding the danger of unresolved conflict in the workplace
  • Recognizing why pouting, the silent treatment, manipulation and other negative responses never resolve anything
  • The positive side of conflict: How to benefit from growth opportunities to strengthen relationships
  • SELF-ASSESSMENT: How do you usually react to conflict?

Conflict Resolution Techniques Guaranteed to Help You Save the Day

  • Diagnosing the disagreement: What’s REALLY going on here?
  • Proven approaches to conflict resolution – and when to use which
  • The 3-step ACE Method of conflict resolution
  • Compromising positions that work – and those that will fail
  • What needs to happen so you can reach an agreement
  • 10 big “do’s” and “don’ts” for you during conflict
  • When you’re on the losing side of a disagreement: Understanding your options

Assertive Strategies for Facing Confrontation Confidently

  • Recognizing why avoiding conflict at all costs is a big mistake
  • Step-by-step how-to’s for confronting someone in a calm, professional manner
  • The “banned word list”: Conflict-escalating phrases you should never say
  • The importance of facing confrontation head-on instead of putting it off
  • Techniques for getting your points across – without getting angry
  • Stop, listen, think: How to avoid overreacting
  • Tips for regaining control if you feel tears coming or your voice quavering
  • How to follow-up once the confrontation is over

Proven Strategies for Handling Tricky Conflict Situations with Ease

  • Mars and Venus in conflict: How each gender tends to handle conflict differently – and how to use it to your advantage
  • How to handle confrontation with your boss (and still have a job)
  • Resolving conflict between you and your employees
  • Managing disagreements with coworkers or peers
  • What to do if the other person becomes verbally abusive
  • Tactics for defusing an angry person during a confrontation
  • Crisis management: How to recognize “red flags” indicating a person could become violent – and what to do

Special Section! Conflict Prevention: Using Assertive Communication and Active Listening

  • Surefire strategies for minimizing causes of conflict so they don’t arise in the first place
  • Hear what’s really being said: Active listening skills that help you avoid misunderstandings
  • The 3 C’s of direct communication every professional should master
  • Techniques for speaking up confidently – rather than stewing silently
  • Did the other person really understand what you just said? How to tell

Keeping the Stress of Conflict From Taking a Physical and Emotional Toll

  • 5 warning signs that conflict-related stress is wearing you down
  • Strategies for dealing with “toxic” stressors – and “toxic” people
  • Relaxation techniques for pulling yourself together after a confrontation
  • Is unacknowledged anger making you sick and tired? What to do about it
  • You’re in charge of you: Avoid falling into the “victim” trap
  • How to pump some positive vibes into your work life!


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