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Selling Brand Value On-Site Training

Does it feel like your brand is a "commodity" in a sea of competition?

Course Description/Agenda

Your brand is the mental and emotional "real estate" held in the minds and hearts of your customers. Communicating your TOTAL BRAND VALUE vs. PRICE alone to current and potential customers drastically improves your ability to compete in a saturated marketplace. When your firm’s brand and its products and services are completely differentiated from the competition, your odds for success are exponentially increased. Research suggests that those brands that engage people emotionally and that differentiate themselves command prices 20% to 200% higher than competitors’ and sell in far higher volume. This class will focus on selling the value of the firms total brand solution vs. competing on price to win and keep new business!

Participants will learn to:
  • Recognize and build value into commoditized products and services
  • Identify the 6 elements of a successful brand
  • Build passion and respect for your firm, its products and services
  • Identify how brands become cults
  • Understand and communicate your firm’s brand story in the market place
  • Position successfully and differentiate your firm, its products and services from the competition
  • Define and target new clients for your firm’s products and services

Class Size: Up to 16
Length: 8 hrs


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Fathom Corporate Training
Fathom Corporate Training

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