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The Women's Conference 2008 On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

Get ready for an exhilarating journey of professional development and personal discovery!

Course Description/Agenda

Your time is now: Your time to climb to greater heights in your career and in your personal life. That's what this incredible conference is all about ~ taking the time to see your career and personal life through fresh eyes. Taking the time to recognize new opportunities. It's time to explore the choices that can move you from the life you lead now to the life of your dreams. It's about empowering yourself to get the life you want ~ the life you deserve.

Feed Your Mind - Achieve Greater Success
If you're looking for thought-provoking sessions that will empower and inspire you ... fresh ideas and new tricks for rekindling the spark you once had ... innovative techniques guaranteed to help you grow ~ look no further. You'll find it all at this life-changing event. And it's wrapped in a rejuvenating day you won't forget!

Open Your Eyes - See a Brighter Future
Life is what you make of it ... if you know how. This journey opens your eyes to a world of opportunity that you might otherwise ignore: from chances to eliminate conflict and misunderstandings to moving forward in your career and personal life. Say good-bye to the old you and discover a calmer, more satisfied new you just waiting to take on the future.

Laugh - Rejuvenate Your Spirit
Share. Connect. Come alive. The best part of this conference is the people you'll meet ... the inspirations you'll share ... the smiles and laughter and insight. Your spirit will come alive and you'll finally be free to enjoy all that life has to offer at home and at work.

Take Time - Empower Yourself
You spend countless hours inspiring, empowering, and caring for those around you. Isn't it time you did that for yourself? You deserve the time to truly change your life ~ both professionally and personally. Today is your day. Don't let this opportunity pass you by ~ it doesn't come around very often.


"The best seminar I have EVER attended."
~ Breeze, Utility Billings Clerk

"It was very energetic and helpful information to use for work and private life."
~ Perkins, Clerk III

"It was a very inspirational seminar, I'm so happy I was able to attend."
~ Beck, HR Payroll/Benefits

"It gave me more confidence in the things I say and do. I feel like I will now get respect."
~ C. Roach, Branch Manager


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National Seminars Group
National Seminars Group

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