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How To Be a Highly Successful Team Leader (Two-Day) On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

A comprehensive two-day workshop that delivers the high-impact tools and essential insights you need to become a truly exceptional team leader.

Course Description/Agenda

This intensive two-day workshop helps you explore the many dimensions of effective leadership and develop the critical skills you need to lead your team to peak performance. It focuses on the nuts-and-bolts "how-to's" of leading and getting people to eagerly follow you to levels of productivity and achievement they never dreamed possible.

Filled with exercises, role plays and "what if" scenarios, this practical, hands-on program challenges you to create innovative solutions to the real-world problems you face every day. It offers you the rare opportunity to step back, reflect on where you and your team are at present, and make solid plans for getting where you want to be tomorrow. Prepare to work hard, think hard and return to your team an infinitely better leader!

What You'll Learn:

  • Capitalize on the strengths of your unique leadership style
  • Make team meetings more time-efficient, productive experiences
  • Turn your visions into concrete action plans directed at achieving specific goals
  • Develop communication skills that help you "connect" with team members
  • Maintain personal and professional balance so you remain a leader while still being part of the team
  • Develop proactive followers who are empowered to work for the long-term success of your team and your organization
  • Understand what characteristics separate the leadership "greats" from leadership "flops"
  • Reflect on your personal strengths and weaknesses and understand where your energies must be focused for maximum effectiveness
  • Understand how to overcome the hidden agendas, self-protecting egos and internal politics that can undermine your authority and sabotage your success
  • Learn how to deal with problem team members and recognize when you're better off cutting some people from the team
  • Master highly effective techniques for gaining full buy-in to team objectives and goals
  • Discover innovative ways to get your team to think outside the box
  • Identify and overcome your biggest obstacles to making giant leaps in team performance
  • Understand the important role you play in resolving conflicts within your team
  • Ignite enthusiasm and create an environment where everyone feels challenged to excel
  • Understand the drivers of good and unwanted team behavior, and why you'll often find personality style differences at the root of your messiest problems
  • Learn how to introduce important changes more smoothly and with greater success than ever before!
  • Recognize the keys to moving beyond mere supervision to true leadership
  • Make an appraisal of where you and your team are now, and make solid plans for getting where you want to be tomorrow
  • Unleash your strengths as a motivating leader who infuses energy, excitement and a positive spirit into your team

Who Should Attend?

  • New team leaders who want to get an edge up by learning important skills that translate into real results
  • Established team leaders who want solid direction and creative ideas for addressing and overcoming specific team challenges
  • Any team leader who hasn't participated in leadership training in more than a year ­ because highly successful leaders know ongoing skill development is critical to on-going leadership success.

Workshop Agenda:

The Fundamentals: Steps to Strengthening Your Leadership Skills

  • How your leadership style can work "for" or "against" your team
  • The 10 ingredients that MUST be present in successful teams
  • Developing your credibility and earning respect
  • The critical differences between managers and leaders
  • The Leadership Style Analysis Survey —­ how do your skills measure up?
  • People, projects and proficiency: managing the "3 Ps" of successful leaders

Habits and Traits of Highly Successful Leaders

  • What traits set highly successful leaders apart from the rest?
  • Understanding the critical role you play in driving your team's success
  • Setting standards and goals and measuring progress
  • Profile a strong leader: Lessons from the masters

Creating Your Vision and Planning the Path to Your Goals

  • Where do you want to be tomorrow? Identifying what's really important
  • How are you going to get there? The important stops you need to make on your way to your goals
  • Answering the key questions: Does your team know WHO it is and WHY it exists?
  • Establishing team-wide buy-in to goals
  • What are the keys to results? Focusing your efforts on that which makes the greatest impact
  • Setting priorities and keeping your team members on track

Valuing the Individual - Strengthening the Team

  • How to develop talented followers who are empowered to work for team success
  • How to ignite enthusiasm for accomplishing goals
  • Ways to build relationships that enhance cooperation
  • Keys to making every team member feel important
  • Nurturing the strengths and celebrating the uniqueness of team members
  • Qualities that team members have in common —­ and differences that may set them apart
  • How to keep your team motivated —­ even if you don't have an extra nickel to spend
  • Why your "people" skills will be the No. 1 driver of your success as a leader

Enhancing Team Communication Skills

  • Communication skills that help you "connect" with your team
  • The critical differences between productive and destructive feedback
  • Your role in making sure team communication lines are open
  • Creating an environment where everyone feels free to express themselves
  • How to encourage good ideas ... and get more of them
  • Tips for encouraging creativity from team members

Conflict Management Skills for Leaders

  • What you should do when team members aren't getting along
  • Steps you should take when individual goals conflict with team goals
  • When it's best to confront a problem, and when it's best to let it blow over
  • The how-to's of professional, productive confrontation
  • Why team growth often arises from team conflict
  • Identifying the underlying reasons and circumstances behind a conflict

Your Role in Making Change Happen

  • Understanding why people oftentimes instinctively resist change
  • Getting team members out of their comfort zone
  • Top reasons why change in organizations often fails
  • Covering your bases: What considerations should you make before introducing a change
  • Coping with the stress and frustrations that often accompany significant changes
  • What you must do as a leader when team members won't embrace critical changes
  • How to project the confidence that inspires your team during change and adversity

Career Mapping Strategies for Team Leaders

  • Fine-tuning your skills —­ why continuous learning is critical to ongoing success
  • Where do you want to be in a year


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