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How to Create and Deliver Exceptional PowerPoint Presentations On-Site Training

This on-site training class is also available as Public Schedule Seminar.

Create better presentations than ever before with the PowerPoint skills and creative techniques you’ll master in this exciting one-day workshop!

Course Description/Agenda

Today’s tech-savvy audiences are getting increasingly sophisticated and tougher to impress every day. In fact, creating and delivering well-structured, high-tech presentations is not only vital to your message – it’s expected. What’s more, a poorly designed presentation can ruin your message – and even damage your credibility and reputation. That’s why you can’t afford to miss How to Create and Deliver Exceptional PowerPoint Presentations.

Tap Into PowerPoint’s FULLEST capabilities
Leave your old templates and design ideas behind, and we’ll show you how to use PowerPoint to its full capability to design memorable, visually exciting presentations that get the results you want – for any audience. You’ll learn how to use PowerPoint’s newest multimedia tools and design features to create remarkable presentations that are guaranteed to amaze your audience.

Get tons of creative ideas for your next PowerPoint presentation
You’ll see dozens of expert examples of the countless ways you can use PowerPoint to illustrate your points with style, explain complex or technical information in an easy-to-understand manner, and make your presentation one that your audience won’t soon forget! You’ll leave with your head filled with creative ideas you’ll be eager to use on your very next presentation.

This workshop is your ticket to presentation success
How to Create and Deliver Exceptional PowerPoint Presentations is the easiest and fastest way to master the PowerPoint production skills you need to create clear, concise presentations every time! Why risk the embarrassment of amateurish and ineffective PowerPoint presentations when you can learn essential PowerPoint production techniques in just one fast-paced, exhilarating day?

Remember: When your presentation is a hit, you look terrific. Don’t miss this career-enhancing training opportunity – make plans to attend right now, and enroll online today!

What You'llLearn:

Invest just one day of your time at How to Create and Deliver Exceptional PowerPoint Presentations, and you’ll …

  1. Enhance your message with a cohesive, visually stimulating PowerPoint presentation – and get phenomenal results every time.
  2. Avoid common PowerPoint design mistakes guaranteed to brand you as a rookie.
  3. Easily build charts, graphs and tables that help your audience understand complex information.
  4. Create your own templates for original, fresh-looking presentations that will capture your audience’s attention immediately.
  5. Never again lose your audience to graphic overkill when you use our Keep it Simple strategy.
  6. Develop PowerPoint presentations that look like you spared no expense, even though you used free templates, clip art and illustrations.
  7. Hook your audience by using the “language of color” to evoke specific emotions.
  8. Add pizzazz with high-quality custom animations – and animate an organizational chart or diagram!
  9. Make your presentation truly memorable by incorporating multimedia elements including sound, images, photos and animations.
  10. Produce professional-looking handouts to accompany your presentation in less time and with less hassle than you ever dreamed possible.
  11. Use color schemes and backgrounds effectively – rather than let competing hues ruin the tone and look you’ve created.
  12. Save tons of time by developing a new presentation from an old one – without losing the original.
  13. Incorporate other Office Applications and the Web into your presentation for added impact.
  14. Conduct fact-finding for your presentation quickly and easily using the Research task pane in PowerPoint 2003.
  15. Take your message to the masses by publishing your presentation on the Web.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop has been developed for anyone who wants to learn how to tap the power of the world’s most versatile presentation software to give effective, professional-looking
presentations — for better results …

  • Trainers
  • HR personnel
  • Sales representatives
  • Administrative assistants
  • Technical pros
  • Teachers/Educators
  • Team leaders, managers and supervisors
  • Advertising professionals
  • Speakers
  • Executives
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Anyone who presents information

Workshop Agenda:

PowerPoint Basics for Getting Your Presentation Off to a Solid Start

  • 10 essentials of an effective PowerPoint presentation
  • Planning steps that will save you time and grief on the back end
  • Wizards and templates – what’s the difference and when to use them
  • Tour the 5 PowerPoint screen views and learn how to change them in a flash
  • Where to find the best free PowerPoint templates and backgrounds
  • Customizing your presentation by creating your own templates
  • Design Trick: Examples of PowerPoint unleashed, PowerPoint goof-ups, and PowerPoint Hall of Shame

Building Exciting Slides to Drive Your Points Home

  • The secret to structuring a well-organized presentation
  • How to create an outline and build slides in one easy step
  • Tips for using Apply Design to create a master slide
  • The easy way to select, cut, copy and paste slides
  • Create, edit, place and adjust text boxes
  • Using text alignment to create professional looking slides
  • Design Trick: The importance of limiting the amount of information on a slide – and how to determine the correct amount

Design Tips for Giving Your Presentation Professional Polish

  • Picking a graphic look and tone that enhance your overall message
  • The emotions of color: How choosing the right – or wrong – color can impact your message
  • Using type fonts to convey the tone you want
  • Maximize your presentation design with these simple layout techniques
  • Design Trick: An inexpensive tool that guarantees complementary color combinations every time

Easy Formatting Methods for Creating a Flawless Presentation

  • How to rotate and resize objects, crop photos and more
  • Tricks for leading the viewer’s eye to critical data
  • Learn the basics of graphics image-editing
  • The secret to creating a flow that naturally leads the viewer from slide to slide
  • Design Trick: How-to’s for building easy-to-understand graphs, charts and tables to convey complex information

Adding Multimedia and Other Special Effects to Make Your Presentation Sizzle

  • Learn when and how to use clip art in your slides
  • How to incorporate sound, video and animation clips into your slides
  • Explore the 50+ animation settings available from PowerPoint
  • Learn where to find additional high-quality illustrations and graphics for your presentation
  • Personalize a single slide by recording a sound or comment (in PowerPoint 2003)
  • Design Trick: Tour some of the coolest add-ins that can push your PowerPoint presentation to the extreme!

Incorporating Other Office Applications and the Web Into Your Presentation

  • Learn how to link one presentation to another
  • Import information from your local intranet
  • How to create links


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