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Managing Multiple Priorities and Projects On-Site Training

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Essentials for staying in control of projects and priorities while staying on target with your objectives, deadlines and budgets.

Course Description/Agenda

Gain control of your time, your projects and your priorities!

For career-minded professionals like you, success can be a double-edged sword. On one side, you excel at your job and are valued in your organization. But with that comes increased responsibility. More work. Additional projects heaped upon your plate. More demands on your time. Everything and everyone cry out for your immediate attention.

Gets to be overwhelming, doesn't it? You've got so much to do, and it's all considered "high priority" or "hot" or "URGENT!" Some days you don't even know where to start. And with e-mail, voice mail, instant messaging and cell phones delivering information to you, the projects are coming faster than ever before, with no end in sight.

To keep up with today's enormous workload, you can't rely on yesterday's skills.

Master the latest success habits.

Managing Multiple Priorities and Projects is an amazing workshop designed for the way professionals work today. Unlike similarly titled programs that are a rehash of old ideas and outdated concepts, this training is cutting edge and on-point, packed with the latest project-management techniques and prioritizing tools. During the very first few minutes of training, you'll pinpoint old habits and behaviors that are wasting your precious time and sabotaging your efforts, and you'll start replacing them with success habits all top achievers share.

Determine your true priorities -- and let the rest go.

You'll discover how to establish priorities by setting goals that will serve as your guide. You'll also determine what is truly important on the job and at home, so that you can begin letting go of the nonessential tasks, activities and commitments that are crowding your schedule and eating your time. What's more, you'll find out how to focus your efforts where they'll make the biggest difference in your results.

Handle project changes and emergencies with ease.

Projects change, glitches foul up the schedule, people don't perform, deadlines are shortened and everyone goes crazy as chaos reigns, right? No more! You'll learn fallback formulas that factor in time for human error, keys to making that "no way" deadline, and strategies for anticipating team and project problems so you can head them off. You'll also gain insight into the top reasons projects fail so you can avoid them from the get-go. Find out how to keep from making mistakes when you're under pressure -- and how to accurately gauge your pressure level so you can apply instant stress reducers.

Become more productive, more effective and less stressed -- immediately.

Bottom line, the essential set of skills you'll learn in Managing Projects and Priorities will make a significant and immediate impact on your daily productivity. You'll find you have more time available, that you're doing more planning and less reacting, that you're gaining cooperation from those who were once resistant, that your priorities seem to fall into place rather than compete for your attention. You'll enjoy your job more and experience far less stress because you'll have the tools you need to handle anything that comes your way.

Don't miss this rare opportunity to give your career skills a major upgrade.

In just one day of training, you'll return to work armed with tools, strategies and techniques that will drive your success for years to come -- we guarantee it!


Managing Yourself: Replacing Bad Habits With Success Habits

  • Identifying old habits and thought processes that rob you of time and effectiveness
  • 5 key success habits highly effective professionals share -- and how to begin integrating them into your life
  • A 7-step formula for ending procrastination ... forever!
  • The trap of perfectionism and how it may be sabotaging your success
  • Learning to say "no" with tact: A success habit that will save you tons of time

Establishing Priorities to Get the Most Out of Your Time

  • Discover the 9 great deceivers that keep you powerless to prioritize
  • What are your real priorities? Identifying what matters most -- professionally and personally
  • Learn our "F.A.S.T." (Focus, Agree, Schedule, Track) system for priority management!
  • How to determine what's "hottest" when everything (and everyone) is screaming for your attention
  • Let it go: Strategies for cutting loose from non-priority tasks, activities, commitments and obligations that bog you down

Essentials of Planning: Your Key to Effectively Managing Projects and Priorities

  • The power of the one-minute focus as a way to start your day right
  • Understanding Pareto's Principle and how to use the 80/20 rule to focus your efforts
  • Powerful planning techniques guaranteed to boost your productivity
  • 5 techniques that America's top achievers use to get on track and stay on target
  • Goal-setting "how-to's" for gaining control of your time, your projects and your priorities

Organization "Musts" for Getting and Staying On Track

  • Tips for getting projects on the right track so you don't get sidetracked
  • How to organize anything in 3 steps: Analyze, plan and take action!
  • The secret to making your to-do list work for you instead of against you
  • Technology tamers: Getting a grip on e-mail, voice mail, faxes and more
  • A step-by-step plan of attack for turning piles into files
  • 5 personal-filing systems that take only seconds to use
  • Take our Multiple-Project Organizer back to the job for ongoing reference -- and immediate relief!

Time-Management Tools and Strategies From the Pros

  • 5 time-wise habits that top achievers share
  • Identifying your greatest time-wasters -- and making a plan to eliminate them
  • 20 bright ideas for stopping the time-draining effects of interruptions
  • Discovering your daily peak productivity time and how to make the most of it
  • Calendars, day planners, PDAs and personal productivity software: Determining which tools will work best for you
  • Decrease unnecessary time in meetings -- and increase the results you want to achieve
  • Deadlines 101: Tips for assessing how long a project will really take

Building Positive Working Relationships: The Secret to Getting the Job Done

  • "How-to's" for gaining commitment and cooperation for your project
  • Communication tips for building rapport up and down the project line
  • The secret to asking for what you need in a way that ensures you'll get it
  • Resolving conflicting demands with a system that cools tempers and earns respect
  • You can't do it all! Delegation techniques that work like magic to lighten your load
  • 5 powerful ways to keep conflict to a minimum on any project team

Effectively Handling Change, Crises, Emergencies and the Unexpected

  • 6 strategies that help you anticipate team and project problems -- and head them off
  • How to deal quickly and confidently with inevitable project changes
  • 3 keys to making way for the "no way" deadline
  • Fallback formulas that anticipate human error and scheduling glitches
  • How to avoid making mistakes when you're under pressure
  • 9 reasons why projects fail -- and how to avoid each one

Building a Solid Defense Against Stress and Pressure

  • Accurately gauging your pressure level to apply instant stress reducers
  • How to detect and defuse your unique pressure-to-perform time bombs
  • Determining your top 10 stressors: Brainstorming on how you'll eliminate or reduce them
  • Recognizing the negative, time-robbing power of worrying and how to banish it forever
  • Tactics for avoiding the pressure to do more when your plate is full
  • CHECKLIST: Developing a healthy balance in your life


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