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Interpersonal Effectiveness for Leaders On-Site Training

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In just two intensive, career-changing days, you’ll master the communication techniques and strategies every leader needs. You’ll forge stronger professional relationships, work more effectively with those up and down the ladder — and become a respected leader others are eager to follow!

Course Description/Agenda

Get the essential “people skills” you need to get phenomenal leadership results!

Your “people skills” absolutely make or break your success as a leader.

Want proof? Time and again, research on leadership confirms that an employee’s direct supervisor has a greater impact on job satisfaction than anything else. In fact, in a study of 20,000 exit interviews, most employees didn’t leave their jobs because of low pay, lack of advancement or lousy benefits, but because of their supervisor.

Give yourself a competitive edge that will put you head and shoulders above the rest.

Interpersonal know-how is the key to your success
Bottom line: Your effectiveness as a leader hinges on the strength of your interpersonal skills, your ability to build solid working relationships with others and your ability to communicate well with them. That’s why Interpersonal Effectiveness for Leaders is such essential training for you if you’re serious about maximizing your leadership potential, improving your results and becoming the kind of leader others are eager to follow.

Master proven communication skills in two short days
The course spans two days, which means you don’t just learn about proven communication techniques and strategies, you get a chance to practice them, master them and make them your own. Because contrary to popular belief, great people skills aren’t something you’re born with — they’re techniques you can learn, just like any other leadership skill you’ve mastered in the past.

Here’s what this crucial training will mean to you:

  • Fewer behavior issues and attitude problems to deal with
  • Increased productivity and efficiency as communication improves
  • Higher morale
  • Stronger relationships with those up and down the ladder
  • Greater respect for you as your leadership know-how really begins to shine

Build the interpersonal skills you need to achieve the leadership success and respect you deserve
For the small investment of two days of your time, you’ll gain know-how that will bring you success for years to come. You may well look back on this program as the pivotal event that changed the course of your leadership career.

What You'll Learn:

  • Give effective feedback
  • Motivate trouble employees
  • Resolve conflict
  • Gain cooperation from employees
  • Improve morale
  • Deal effectively with bad attitudes
  • Persuade and influence
  • Establish quick rapport
  • Build a cohesive team

Who Should Attend?

  • Managers and supervisors, from new hires to long- time professionals
  • Team leaders
  • Business owners
  • VPs and directors
  • Anyone in a leadership position who wants to work more effectively with others and get better results

Workshop Agenda:

I. Must-Have Interpersonal Skills for Today’s Leaders
Your interpersonal skills can fuel your leadership success or hold you back professionally. This opening session helps you identify strengths you can build on and weaker areas you can specifically plan to improve upon during this course. Find out how to project confidence as a leader — and to establish immediate rapport.

  • Why your “people skills” will make or break your leadership success in today’s complex workplace
  • How do you “come across” to others? Find out!
  • Identifying your leadership style: A self-assessment
  • Pinpointing your interpersonal strengths and weaknesses as a leader
  • Interpersonal tendencies and speech habits that may be sabotaging your leadership success
  • Recognizing your communication style and exploring other styles
  • Tips for communicating effectively with those whose styles differ from yours
  • Projecting the image of a confident leader with your body language and nonverbal cues
  • What to say and do to make a powerful first impression as a confident, capable leader
  • Small-talk secrets – How-to’s for making immediate connections with people you don’t know in work-related social settings
  • SKILLS PRACTICE: Networking techniques every successful leader knows

II. Communication How-to’s for Getting Phenomenal Results Through Your Employees
Communicating effectively with your employees is the key to boosting productivity, increasing efficiency, reducing turnover and making conflict a rare event rather than routine. This crucial session provides you with proven tools for building stronger working relationships with your team members — for amazing results.

  • What do employees really want from you as a leader? The answer may surprise you
  • Assertive Communication for Leaders 101: A primer
  • Guidelines for giving constructive feedback in a way that results in positive behavior change — not defensiveness or resentment
  • How to harness the unlimited power of sincere praise and make it work for you
  • Tips for building stronger working relationships with your employees
  • Steps for giving crystal-clear directions that can’t be misunderstood
  • Techniques for keeping the lines of communication open between you and your employees
  • How to make employees and peers feel valued and important in your presence
  • Your secret weapon that guarantees a stronger team: Active listening skills
  • Keys to making performance reviews a productive exchange — instead of a wasted exercise you and employees both dread
  • SKILLS PRACTICE: Assertive responses to use with employees in various common situations you face as a leader

III. Your Role in Dealing With Difficult People and Resolving Conflict
Difficult people and conflict situations can put even the strongest interpersonal skills to the test. But left unchecked, unresolved conflicts and difficult people run amok will land your team or department in continual chaos. Find out step by step how to take the lead in handling difficult people and a variety of tough situations.

  • Recognizing how your attitudes, behaviors and moods set the tone each day for your staff
  • Top 12 diff


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